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These speakers include publishers, editors, anthologists, authors from many genres, agents, columnists, reporters, and more. All are experienced professionals.


Alastair Mayer

Al Perry

Andrea Harter

Andy Duncan

Ann Crispin #1

Ann Crispin #2

Barry Longyear

Ben Bova #1

Ben Bova #2

Beverly Hale

Bob Sanders

Brad Foster

Brad Meltzer

Brad Torgerson

Bud Sparhawk

Candice Gilmer

Cara Jones

Carolynn Carey

Chris Crutcher

Clint Gaige

Cyndia Depre

Daniel Keys Moran

David Bartell

Diane Farr #1

Diane Farr #2

Diane Farr #3

Diane Haeger #1

Diane Haeger #2

Dirk Wyle

Don Gallo #1

Don Gallo #2

G.H. Lui

Gardner Dozois

Glenn Sixbury

Gloria Oliver

J. A. Konrath

Jack McDevitt

James Axler

Jane Yolen

Jean Marcy

Jim Burk

JoAnn Ross

Jonathan Maberry #1

Jonathan Maberry #2

Joshilyn Jackson

Jacqueline Deval

Juliette Wade #1

Juliette Wade #2

Kay Kenyon

Katherine Kimbriel

Kelly Milner Halls

Lori Soard

Lou Antonelli

Maggie Davis

Margaret Bonham

Miss Snark

Piers Anthony

P. J. Parish

P. N. Elrod


Rhonda Eudaly

Rainlyte #1

Rainlyte #2

Richard Barre

Richard A. Lovett

Rick Chesler

Sarah Smiley

Selina Rosen

Shelia Goss

Sheree Bykofsky #1

Sheree Bykofsky #2

Tom Clancy

Technical note: these posted transcripts have (mostly) been edited for clarity. The fast-typed spelling and grammer have been spruced up, related questions and answers brought into closer proximity; and the "?," "!," "go ahead," "so-and-so has entered the room," and other 'functional' chat lines removed.

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