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Andrea Harter

Ms. Harter is an award winning newspaper reporter.

12/8/03 6:58:51 PM Opening "Chat Log 12/8/03"

HOST WPLC Lyric: Tonight we're going to have a special speaker, a front page, award winning writer for a major newspaper, discuss research techniques, and you are all welcome to stay!
HOST WPLC Sushi: Before we begin, let's all welcome Pamela as our newest full W2P member.
Harterone: welcome Pamela
Cybertyger: Hi pam
LCher75051: hello pam
Genjii555: Welcome Pamela..................... :: throws spitball :: :: pulls hair ::
NaiEldheni: :-)
Lightningbug1957: Welcome, Pamela
HOST WPLC Sushi: She is usually MyBlueMoon and tonight is disguised as NaiEldheni.
NaiEldheni: sorry...
NaiEldheni: kids are doing research
NaiEldheni: glad to be here though
HOST WPLC Dee R: Velcomin, Pamela! no matter who you are disquised as...
TrounceM13: Pleased to have you with us, Pamela.

HOST WPLC Lyric: Is everyone ready to go?
HOST WPLC Lyric: Tonight we're discussing effective researching techniques with a front page writer for a MAJOR US newspaper. And, we're lucky to have her as a member of W2P
HOST WPLC Lyric: most of you do not know this, but Harterone has been an award winning journalist for nearly 20 years. She's covered Carter, Bush1, Clinton, (she omits Reagan for a reason) and of course Bush2.
HOST WPLC Lyric: Reporting from Arkansas, Harterone's real name is Andrea Harter, not to be confused with Andrea Weiss. She is the mother of four and the senior writer for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
Harterone: <she's old
HOST WPLC Lyric: She is a two-time Knight Center Fellow for Specialized Journalist, a recent Katie Award winner (and three times before a finalist) and has numerous other outstanding Associated Press awards given by newspaper editors from across the country. She's been gone from W2P a lot lately, covering Gen. Wesley Clark, and recently broke a national story about an unbeknownst brother Clark never told anyone about, but Harter did.
HOST WPLC Lyric: She is the kind of person who can research a hurricane or a plane crash or a presidential candidate
HOST WPLC Lyric: I know we can all learn a lot from her, I already have and am priviledge to consider her my friend.
Harterone: (blushing)
HOST WPLC Dee R: quite impressive.
HOST WPLC Lyric: I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to Andrea Harter, who is quite shy by the way.
Harterone: she forgot to add I am not well paid. Lol

HOST WPLC Lyric: <<< clapping>>>>>
Cybertyger: Welcome, Andrea!
G1ft0fgabn0t: <><><>clapping<><><>
BrownDvs: wb schnapps.
HOST WPLC Sushi: : : : claps enthusiasically : : :
Lightningbug1957: Yeah, Andrea
LCher75051: hello andrea
HOST WPLC Dee R: <<<<<cheers, and more cheers>>>>>>
Kathi Smith 116: welcome andrea
Fjm3eyes: hi Andrea
BrownDvs: Hello Andrea, nice to meet you.

Harterone: Greetings everyone. This is strange but necessary topic given that all novel writing is rooted in research
Harterone: I used to think that I would write Novels so I wouldn't have to be bothered by all those bothersome facts, but anyone who's read a decent book
Harterone: knows how untrue that is. I'm sure Diane Farr spends as much if not more time researching than writring!
HOST WPLC Sushi: Andrea has been known here mostly as Hart, to avoid confusion with our other Andrea
Harterone: (and I still go by Hart, please)
Harterone: I've know lots of big name writers, yes, I barely know Grisham, but still the same goes for him. All rooted in research.
HOST WPLC Lyric: Actually, since, we've unfortunately lost the other Andrea, we now only have one Andrea in the group

Harterone: So how many of you feel secure about your research techniques. How many of you can really use the internet and other public sources of documents to find out things?
Harterone: Speak up, don't be shy....OnlineHost: “Irishgigglebox” has entered the room.
BrownDvs: Okay, nevermind, Lyric just answered my dumb question. I'm going into the corner now.
Cybertyger: I feel that I can.
BrownDvs: I can.
Werewolfsevn: I can't.
Kathi Smith 116: you can find out just about anything on the web
Harterone: How many of you have ever looked up a marriage license or a will?
HOST WPLC Lyric: only Ben Franklins
LCher75051: never
HOST WPLC Dee R: not me

Harterone: There is a wealth of information, that's all free and open to the public at your local county courthouse. It a little intimidating at first, but it's very easy to do
Kathi Smith 116: those are online?
Harterone: and most of this stuff, including federal trial transcripts now cost money to get, so there's something to be gained
Harterone: from knowing how to find some of that stuff, including bankruptcy filings, etc.
Harterone: Now, as for Wes Clark, I found out he had a brother, through his father's will
Lightningbug1957: You could get that online?
Harterone: that seems simple enough, right? We'll he''d been putting forth in his resume tha he was
Harterone: an only child. And, well, he is sort of, but not legally
Harterone: No, you can't get wills on line. There is a site called ancestry.com, which costs money for the deeper part of it, that has some decent stuff on it, like the census, etc, but wills have to be looked up in person
Harterone: I had to drive to Greenville Mississippi to verify a marriage license because it can't be done over the phone, etc.
Harterone: So, anyway, there is a wealth of info at your local court house. You can just go browse the info if you want to look at anything, it's free, unless you want to make a copy, if you are looking fora new spin on something or to get the
Harterone: language that might be included in a will. For example, in ARkansas, Clark's brother was left "love and affection" from the dad
Harterone: Clark, meanwhile got a car and the property (which was detailed in a NYT article essay on my story last sunday)
Harterone: That sounds nice, right, love and affection?
JsmnStrm: lovely.
Harterone: he hadn't talked to his dad in 50 years, so that was sort of a nice going-out note, right
Peacheschnapps: yeah that'll pay for a funeral
Harterone: not. It's is law in Arkansas, that if you don't mention a child, even to say something, then it is assumed that you "forgot" the child and the will can be overturned
Harterone: at any juncture down the road. Louisiana has weird laws too, abotu such things, but I digress, now we are getting to the hard part....
Harterone: Picking up the phone and calling someone. Has anyone in here ever called to do research over the phone, Sry, you may not answer.

HOST WPLC Lyric: roflol
BornToVector: howdy folks. I am at work and can only hang out a few minutes
Genjii555: I have for a Q&A book I was writing
Kathi Smith 116: i haven't done it via phone, but i've done it in person
Genjii555: It sucks
HOST WPLC Dee R: glad you could make it Barry
Cybertyger: I have, but not for info in a courthouse.
LCher75051: the library reference section lady helps me when I call
Harterone: The phone interview is part of effective research. You can get all you want out of dusty all documents, and stuff, but those things are only a trail. The horse and the gold it will lead you to is in the talking
HOST WPLC Dee R: I'm too shy
Lightningbug1957: Yes, I called a nursery to find out about specific tree plantings
Genjii555: People are mean
BrownDvs: You Dee?!! Noooo! Say it ain't so!
HOST WPLC Dee R: yep
Peacheschnapps: are we asking questions yet?
Harterone: It is a painful thing, even for me sometimes. First rule, they can only say no. they can't come into your house and steal your money. They could hang up, but I have never been hung up on, even when I was calling about an indictment
Cybertyger: People don't like to talk much once they realize you're not a potential customer or client.
HOST WPLC Dee R: That is up to Hart...when she wants to break for questions.
HOST WPLC Dee R: Hart...would you entertain 2 questions? One from Peaches and one from Frank?
Harterone: and when I was calling to talk to a murder victim (say yuck). So just take a deep breath and do it. Start with an introduction, and tell them what you want. ..you don't have to have a pedigree to ask a question.
Harterone: ga
Peacheschnapps: i don't know if you can help but here goes
Kathi Smith 116: wouldn't the murder victim be dead?
HOST WPLC Dee R: Peaches, go ahead with your question
Kathi Smith 116: that's really long-distance
Peacheschnapps: I need to find a good survival manual in order to write what i want effectively. I want my work to teach and entertain if possible. So how do i get what I need without all sorts of extra crap? I don't want militia stuff either.
Harterone: busted kathi, I meant the surviving family of a murder victim, or in one case the suspect himself (who did it.)
TrounceM13: The character in Bev's story might talk to murder victims.
Kathi Smith 116: just checking, hart...lol
HOST WPLC Dee R: lol
HOST WPLC Lyric: Peaches that is the kind of thing you hadbest discuss with a librarian locally
Harterone: Well, as the owner of all sorts of how-to books, and I mean a TON of them, you have to be selective in your internet searchings to find what you want. Never pay for what you can get for free....I can be specific
Peacheschnapps: thanx
HOST WPLC Dee R: One more question, Lyric, from Frank.
HOST WPLC Dee R: ga Frank
Fjm3eyes: Any tips of researching schizophrenia..mental illness...........treatment of the insane.......asylums? Reaserch for story, who knows, maybe an ongoing project /Ga
HOST WPLC Lyric: Val turn on your IM's please so Adam can explain
Harterone: For survival manuals, try all the regular sources first, like the state department, the usarmy and verifiable souces like that, just to get the authenication of such. there are a billion sites, and in fact there is a great resouces
Harterone: in the library of congress that can help you as well, and point you to testimony from survivalists, that hasn't been published except in congressional hearing form
Harterone: all of those are fair game. to go thomas.gov
Peacheschnapps: um, I'm Canadian, does that make a difference?
Harterone: oops....thomas.loc.gov
Harterone: no, free is free for US or anyone in the world
HOST WPLC Lyric: Andrea, did you see Frank's question or do you need it reposted?
HOST WPLC Dee R: Frank's question: Any tips of researching schizophrenia..mental illness...........treatment of the insane.......asylums? Reaserch for story, who knows, maybe an ongoing project /Ga
Harterone: you do not need a password or ID for any government sites. Yes, Frank there are a ton of such sites, And you can start with a keyword search on Google on any of those. I have tried every search
Harterone: engine known to man, going back to the dogpile.com days, and google is my recommendation.
HOST WPLC Dee R: Okay, please hold questions/comments til the next break...go ahead, Hart with your presentation
Fjm3eyes: thanks Hart /ga
Harterone: The obvious government sites, would be the centers for disease control. cdc.gov, and there are various histories of insane aslyumns on a lot of state DHS web sites
HOST WPLC Lyric: Andrea has a ton of information, let's let her get it out guys
Harterone: When I was researching anthrax, (anyone remember that, and by the way what ever happened to that?) I found out of course that you have a ton of sites that have good medical definitions, but if you'll hook into the sites
Harterone: with a hospital you can email a question in if yours in not answered. For example, I wanted to know exactly what they do with the old remains in the three-story burial chambers in New Orleans. I mean afterall that dust has to go
Harterone: somewhere, so I emailed the chamber of commerce and got in touch with the curator, by email for the ST. John's cemetery
OnlineHost: “Aquenre” has entered the room.
Harterone: and got my answer.
Kathi Smith 116: what was the answer?
HOST WPLC Lyric: lol
HOST WPLC Lyric: Kathi, you have to email to find out, or buy one of Andrea's books!
Harterone: Email is an effective tool, providing your queries are brief, and to the point. BTW, many publishers are now not only accepting email queries, but demanding them. (they sweep them out to make room for the new bodies) good soil
Harterone: takes about 100 years in that heat chamber to make dust.
Harterone: I'll have to break here, I think I'm jumping around a bit, but I do want to say, that whenever I need to research somthing, first I cast a wide net, like frank would say, mental illness
HOST WPLC Lyric: okay, queue is open
Werewolfsevn: ?
HOST WPLC Lyric: until Andrea is ready to go on
Harterone: on the web. and I'll pick through the first 30 sites. (stay away from anythnig that says anglefire in it.)
Cybertyger: ?
HOST WPLC Lyric: Michael you are first, ga
Moochmail: ?
Werewolfsevn: Hold on go on to someone else
HOST WPLC Lyric: Cyber, ga
Cybertyger: I just finished reading Grisham's THE STREET LAWYER, and at the end he has an Author's Note which states that several people conducted research the novel was
OnlineHost: “BornToVector” has left the room.
Cybertyger: based on...
Cybertyger: Is that because he's such a big name now that he bascally pays people ...
Werewolfsevn: ?
Cybertyger: to do his research for him, or has he always operated that way?
Harterone: yes. basically. He has researchers who'll look up law in arkansas (which is his quite familar with, like that will thing) or he'll have a paralegal do it
OnlineHost: “VlntnVal” has left the room.
Harterone: it's common when you're established to use researchers. ...just ask Rick Bragg, although it sometimes backfires.lol
HOST WPLC Lyric: Andrea, please type ga if you are done
Cybertyger: I see. Thanks.
Harterone: (rick bragg was the celebrated NYT writer who got sacked recently for having a story published that a researcher mostly did and the byline was omitted.)ga
HOST WPLC Lyric: Mooch ga
Harterone: he just wrote the Jessica Lynch story ga
Moochmail: I've done academic research and know how to manage that, but have difficulty managing research/data when working on fiction. Any tips on how to manage the info.?
Cybertyger: ?
Peacheschnapps: !
Harterone: Mooch, I had the same sort of problems, for example in the book I'm now shopping I have a tornado scene in it...well I had to actually go back and look up hurricane patterns and the storms that happened then to see if it was POSSIBL
Peacheschnapps: keep it in subject books like binders like you did in highschool
Harterone: e (i.e. noaa.gov.) and then backtrack the probably time line, but in novel writing you only have to have believable details, but the more authentic the better. CAN something be oversearched? Absoultely. I lost a year on lead poisi
Harterone: posioning and its affects, which I am convinced is the underlying cause behind the explosion of ADD. ADHD, but that is another story, ga
Moochmail: Thanks!
HOST WPLC Lyric: donna, ga
HOST WPLC Dee R: When you are doing research on a country or language, is there some sites better than others? Like encyclopedia vs personal web sites? How do you find these kind of sites?
Harterone: I use a binder that is BOUND, like a marble composition book and label it as I go along. It's too easy to loose something.
Harterone: Well, I spent a ton of time researching Muslims, which involved about five different countires....and so
OnlineHost: “Aquenre” has left the room.
Harterone: there was a myriad of sites to go to. STart with the state department as they spend a lot of your tax dollars doing synopsis of countries and providing links to those, taboos, etc. they are like their our own toursim serivce and the
Harterone: they have links to the newspapers, etc. The newspaper are sometimes difficult to dicpher, newsvalue wize, because the standards aren't the same as american papers. use the sites,. most are free. the NYT is free, for example
Harterone: and is tied in to the Boston Globe and LA times.
Harterone: ga..I can be more specific....if you need. ga
Cybertyger: ?
HOST WPLC Lyric: Michael, ga,
Werewolfsevn: My biggest problem is that I don't know effective ways to begin research.
HOST WPLC Dee R: very helpful...thanks...
Werewolfsevn: For example, the series I'm working on, one of the books takes place during the Civil War.
Werewolfsevn: Now, there a billion and a half books about the war and its battles, but I'm more interested in finding the minute details about everyday life of the time period you never find in these books
Werewolfsevn: Where do you go for things like this when you don't have days to devote to a library (and, no disrespect intended, please do not suggest the internet)? ga
Harterone: I'm sorry. I was about to go for that. Okay, the Civil War is a big subject. FUnny you mention that because my son just had to do such a thing, recreate a narrative on everyday life. now, as for the answer
HOST WPLC Lyric: History of the Civil War Museum, Andrew Carnegie Free Library
OnlineHost: “Sis Dctnry” has entered the room.
Genjii555: Letters from that time period are great to look up
Harterone: I did use the internet just to get the source, and I didn't have time to go to the library. I just use the internet as a phone book type resrouce, just like the link Lyric has provided. PBS is doing a current, day in the life of of
Genjii555: Then you can see it from the people's POV as opposed to just an academic one
Kathi Smith 116: museums are good for that as well, you can see the everyday objects
OnlineHost: “TrounceM13” has left the room.
Werewolfsevn: I have very bad luck on the internet. I've never been able to find anything I've been looking for on it.
Harterone: Williamsburg, and what it was like from the slave's perspective, and from the privledged white girl's perspective and the son who is apprenticed to be a blacksmith, etc. etc., But, so I would use that SITE to get to the source of th
HOST WPLC Lyric: There are a number of civil war museums, why not start there, Michael
OnlineHost: “Ejbarrossesr” has entered the room.
Moochmail: You might want to check local reenactors groups.
HOST WPLC Lyric: Before I take the next question, are you ready to go on with the lecture, Andrea?
Werewolfsevn: Thank you
Harterone: their info and go from there, but I forgot to mention a very important thing...about libraries, which can be a waste of time if you don't know what or where to look. IN EVERY STATE, there is a federal depository library where there
Harterone: and sometimes two, that have an incalcuable amount of research they can put their hands on for you, for example just what the topography was like in Kentucky in 1870, etc.
Harterone: or which way the wind blew when they set up the atomic bomb testing in Utah in 1950. (it came over Arkasnas about 35 days later,, etc(
HOST WPLC Lyric: told you guys she was good! LOL
Harterone: Michael, I'd go straight to a university professor at your nearest college. Make them earn their money.
Harterone: ga
HOST WPLC Lyric: cyber ga
Cybertyger: Speaking of having research conducted for you, what do you think of online Q&A services such as Google Answers, where you pay anywhere from 2 to 200 bucks to have questions answered?
OnlineHost: “TrounceM13” has entered the room.
Cybertyger: Ever use them?/ga
Ejbarrossesr: hey room seems like there's a goodlly crowd in here.......HI sushi and lyric what's the plan for the room to-night.
Harterone: never, would I pay for that. It's not worth it. You can do it, by manipulating what you want to know.
Harterone: for example if you put in Andrea Harter on Google, you're going to find a few things, but a lot in german about some sort of sports hero (my alter ego?) but if you maniputlate
OnlineHost: “MYBLUEMOON1119” has entered the room.
Peacheschnapps: i'd like to lure a prof into a discussion but soaking up the info would be hard
Harterone: the words and put them in quotes, you can find anything. Like Andrea Harter aoccer, will bring up the sports hero and my coaching, but andrea harter muslim will bring up those articles, think about four key words you want to know an
Harterone: and to that ga
Cybertyger: OK, thanks.
HOST WPLC Lyric: okay our last comment is from Peaches and then Andrea will continue
HOST WPLC Lyric: ga Peaches
Harterone: i forgot a resource for Michael. Call the local civics teacher. She gets a ton of information from owl.edu, or go there yourself which has all the teaching resources on any given subject ga
Peacheschnapps: sorry, just made it, i'd like to pump a teacher or prof for info, but i'd have to record it or something
Werewolfsevn: Thank you
HOST WPLC Lyric: okay, Andrea, would you continue with the last part of your presentation
HOST WPLC Lyric: we have about ten minutes or so left
Harterone: Why peaches? why can't you take notes? you're not interviewing them for article....
Harterone: anyway, obviously we did research WAY before the internet, and we did it primarily by using the Freedom of Information Act. Anyone here file a FOIA request?
Harterone: (p.s the FBI has recently released a ton of old files from Malcom x to gosh, I can't even think of all of them, go to fbi.gov, and you can look at them for Free, what's not blacked out.)
Harterone: ga
HOST WPLC Lyric: Andrea, you are on your own
HOST WPLC Lyric: no more questions
HOST WPLC Lyric: we need your concluding comments
OnlineHost: “MYBLUEMOON1119” has left the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi: I want to look up my FBI files
Harterone: michael, the national archives is the other best source. Anyway back to the FOIA, find out what you want, like taxes back in 1900 or whatever and address it properly, and tell them in the
HOST WPLC Lyric: Can you perhaps discuss a particular circumstance in a novel and how you would tackle it?
Peacheschnapps: well, hart you are a genius, much respect here
HOST WPLC Lyric: There are also old Insurance records that detail where buildings were, who lived where, the size of streets, number of rooms, etc
Harterone: letter you are requesting the information as provided byt he Freedom of Information Act. It helps to cite the law, which can be found in any state's press association web site. They can not refuse your request, but they may delay it
Harterone: if it is a working paper. I want to stress the press has NO access that a regular person does not have.
Harterone: lost, repeat?
HOST WPLC Sushi: but on TV they do! ;-)
Harterone: not in the real world, baby.
HOST WPLC Lyric: on tv they also break into buildings and do illegal things no real journalist would do, too
Harterone: on TV we're all scum, below lawyers
HOST WPLC Lyric: but above dentists?
Peacheschnapps: never below lawyers, too hard
Harterone: I'd like to finish by saying there is nothing that the internet won't lead you to. My next novel involves sugarcane processing, and while I grew up in Baton Rouge that wasn't part of
Moochmail: No, not below lawyers!!
HOST WPLC Sushi: There is a lawyer here in the room :-)
Harterone: upbringing, so I got on the sugardigest site, and subscribed to their free newsletter and went to the university site and downloaded the history of how cane is grown and harvested, and will make a tour next trip down
Harterone: We all can't read a thousand books on any given subject so use the net to pick through what you want, and don't be afraid to pick up the phone. Your county extension officer is a wealth of free information about flora and fauna, and
Harterone: if he doesn't know, he'll find someone that does.
WONiJACKS: Aren't lawyers slightly below used car salesmen....?
Peacheschnapps: county extention officer?
Peacheschnapps: what mean in Canadian speach?
HOST WPLC Sushi: they must have a similar office in Canada
HOST WPLC Lyric: Agriculture government official, Peaches
HOST WPLC Lyric: that's what they are called officially
Harterone: Many of you are well versed in these research techniques, so I am preaching to the choir. I think Michael did a piece that involved a carnival, and if you wanted to verify if they had carousels in that era, the net would lead you to
Harterone: a history of such or whether it was practical for snow to be falling in Oct during that time of year in that locale
Peacheschnapps: <<junior choir
BrownDvs: Okay guys, take care.
LCher75051: Thanks for coming Hart, it was informative enjoyed myself
Cybertyger: ?
Harterone: It's only for dressing. You do the cooking, let the net help you finish the cake.
OnlineHost: “BrownDvs” has left the room.
Harterone: ga
HOST WPLC Lyric: I want to thank Andrea Harter for being our guest tonight
HOST WPLC Lyric: I think she was FANTASTIC
Moochmail: Yes, superb!
OnlineHost: “JsmnStrm” has left the room.
HOST WPLC Lyric: lots of great information here
HOST WPLC Lyric: <<<<< clapping>>>>>>>
Harterone: whew. I hope that wasn't too boring. I have a ton of web sites, and I want to mention one more tha is particularly of interest to novelists who are almost ready to submit
HOST WPLC Dee R: very good...
WONiJACKS: ...I second that, Lyric.....
LCher75051: really !!
Peacheschnapps: yes, very terrific
HOST WPLC Sushi: Anyone interested in our group here, just email me. :-)
HOST WPLC Lyric: yes, please do! Andrea, tell us.
Kathi Smith 116: thank you, hart
TrounceM13: Thank you, Hart.
Werewolfsevn: Thank you
HOST WPLC Dee R: Cyber, if you have a question, just ga and ask it.
Cybertyger: If you were researching a story on current scientific projects involving blue whales--who's conducting them and how are the whales tracked in the wild-- where would you start?
HOST WPLC Dee R: before the group breaks up
Sunan21: Thanks Hart, I agree with using the web
Harterone: there is a site, called anotherrealm.com/preditors which has the old predators and editors web site. It'll tell you if your agent/house is accepting stuff and what their links are and a good address
Kathi Smith 116: check out green peace, cyber
HOST WPLC Dee R: I wonder if National Geographic's would be a good site for that...on whales
HOST WPLC Sushi: cool!
HOST WPLC Sushi: we should add that to our W2P site Links page
Cybertyger: Greenpeace are activists, not really scientists.
Harterone: cyber, go to google and put "blue whales" which is going to lead you to some fun pages, then to the government sites. or to the Save the whales folks or greenpeace. scan all of them
LCher75051: how about going to seaworlld cyber
HOST WPLC Dee R: greenpeace would have lots of information on whales...
Harterone: greenpeace monitors all research and impacts, however, on the whales. a ton of info
Kathi Smith 116: but they know where the whales are and who's chasing them for whatever reason
Cybertyger: No blue whales at Sea World.
HOST WPLC Lyric: One thing I think you should add, Andrea. JUST TRY to type in a query in your search engine and you will be surprised how easy it is to find most things!
LCher75051: oh sorry
Peacheschnapps: that doesn't mean they don't do research of their own and have the stats people want
Cybertyger: OK, thanks.
HOST WPLC Dee R: Guys, a fun thing to do with Google...type in your own name...add quotes around it, and see what comes up...it's hilarious sometimes.
LCher75051: check also under jacques cousteua society cyber
LCher75051: cousteau
Harterone: cyber: nmml.afsc.noaa.gov/education/cetaceans/blue1.htm
Cybertyger: That's a god one.
TrounceM13: I remember when Jacques Cousteau drowned in the bathtub. Sad.
Werewolfsevn: I did that once. I got a bunch of stuff about Sean Connery :-\
Fjm3eyes: Hart, you know about Spicey Green Iguana?
Cybertyger: Thanks, Hart.
HOST WPLC Lyric: Once again, thank you so much Andrea Harter for speaking tonight. Would you consider doing another talk sometime soon? I think most people here would love an encore.
Genjii555: LOL Michael
Harterone: No, but I could find out in a nanosecond
Sunan21: Good night all, thanks again Hart
Moochmail: Thanks, Hart!
HOST WPLC Dee R: hmmmmm, mike...should I be asking for your autograph
Lightningbug1957: Thanks, Andrea
Peacheschnapps: encore
LCher75051: thanks hart
OnlineHost: “Sunan21” has left the room.
Kathi Smith 116: hart, so what does clark's brother have to do with his position?
HOST WPLC Dee R: Hart...that was an excellent session
Fjm3eyes: Good site I think, Hart
OnlineHost: “TrounceM13” has left the room.
HOST WPLC Sushi: I TOLD the folks at Google about typing in my own name
Harterone: he's a republican...lol
HOST WPLC Dee R: This will be one that I'll be re-reading again
Genjii555: Oh No Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOST WPLC Sushi: when I made a delivery there
Werewolfsevn: See, I'm no d*** good at looking things up on the internet! :)
Genjii555: There's a novelist named Tiffany Davis already
Genjii555: LOL
Kathi Smith 116: no wonder they don't speak to him
Ejbarrossesr: I am working with Willie the Whale....he's the seas answer to Smokey the Bear He goes aroujnd the oceans floor stomping out leaks.
HOST WPLC Lyric: Remember everyone Micheal Sean McGowan's book Pawns is in bookstores now, and Diane Farr's book Under the Wishing Star is as well. Please buy them through the W2P website. W2P
Harterone: michael, i'll help you anytime. I can google like nobody's business.lol
HOST WPLC Lyric: use the amazon.com link there
LCher75051: can you use your catalog on the computer at the library werewolf?
Werewolfsevn: Haretone: :)
Kathi Smith 116: were, it just takes practice...the more specific your key words, the easier it is to zero in on the info you want
Harterone: Diane, what did I forget?
Werewolfsevn: I can, it hasn't done me any good.
HOST WPLC Lyric: And those of you who would like to read more of Andrea Harter's work can see her at the Arkansas Democrat
Genjii555: Michael try Dogpile.com
Genjii555: It searches all the top search engine and only retrieves the best info
Harterone: AOl's site for searches is worthless in my opinion, use another engine.
HOST WPLC Sushi: use the - minus sign! to eliminate topics you do not want
HOST WPLC Lyric: which also has an online site: Arkansas Online
Werewolfsevn: OK
Genjii555: And put the word "and" in between each word instead of using quotation marks
HOST WPLC Sushi: narrow it down again and again
Kathi Smith 116: were, what search engine do you use?
Harterone: google will elimate "and" and "the"
Kathi Smith 116: really, paul? i didn't know that, great info
Werewolfsevn: google
Fjm3eyes: Hart, what do you think of Yahoo or Lycos for search?
WONiJACKS: And Andrea....before you go.... I don't think Rick Bragg cares.... he's made so much on his novels....lol
Genjii555: Switch to Dogpile
Genjii555: It's much better
HOST WPLC Lyric: BTW, you should all know, Andrea ONLY writes for the first page, and she is at the status of WRITER, not reporter
Werewolfsevn: Ok
HOST WPLC Sushi: like: Paul Carlson -fractals
Cybertyger: Unless "and" "the" or "of" are in quotes, Google eliminates them.
Harterone: yahoo sometimes, I used to be a diehard dogpile fan, but now I'm devoted to google, due to the ease of it
HOST WPLC Sushi: then I wil pop right up, without all the math guy's sites
HOST WPLC Sushi: Google has its own Help page that explains this stuff, too
Harterone: Oh, i wanted to say one more thing, it gets me to testimony in a hurry. DON't be afraid to type in a partial quote froma news report or something you've read. the net will take you right to the citation.
Fjm3eyes: google is pretty darn good, I think
Harterone: thanks for letting me ramble guys
WONiJACKS: Enjoyed it, Hart....
Kathi Smith 116: great info, hart, very helpful
HOST WPLC Lyric: lol, you ramble great!
HOST WPLC Lyric: Okay, remember Bev goes next week
WONiJACKS: ...I gotta get outta here, guys..... gotta go eat.... Loved it, Hart..... Till next time, guys...
HOST WPLC Lyric: so if you haven't gotten your critique in, you have a few more days to do so
HOST WPLC Dee R: Yes, BEV>>>>heheheheh
HOST WPLC Dee R: night all...take care, and Hart, thanks for the information
Harterone: nite
Lightningbug1957: And I'm not sending out the deleted sections
Fjm3eyes: night Dee
LCher75051: bye hart
Cybertyger: Good night all, thanks Hart.
Kathi Smith 116: night all
HOST WPLC Lyric: Goodnight everyone. See you all next week

12/8/03 8:09:55 PM Closing "Chat Log 12/8/03"

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