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We are a worldwide critique group dedicated to helping fiction writers develop their talents and get published. This site showcases the work of our members, and serves to assist all writers in improving their skills.

We meet 'live' regularly in our IRC Mibbit chat room, while our old AOL Writers Den chat room is open but is no longer in use. Our critique sessions are held on Mondays at 7 PM Pacific time. (10 Eastern, about lunchtime Tuesday in Australia, and unfortunately, the middle of the night in Europe.) Currently we are meeting every two weeks, until there are enough participants to again fill the calendar; however we check into our chat room(s) during bye weeks.

Writing to Publish [W2P] is small, and we'd welcome several new members. Most of those utilizing these pages are students doing homework, and surely there are serious aspiring writers among our visitors here. Our critique group is all volunteer, and welcomes new talent. (Please see our 'Dear Visitor' and 'Schedules' web pages for details. )

Here's a link to reach our IRC chat sessions, hosted by the Mibbit chat network. This chat room can be accessed by any type of computer/laptop/tablet/etc., via any web browser or IRC application, through any modem or wi-fi or other connection, no matter its speed. You simply need to type in the "channel" (that chat room's name), or use use our provided links; then type in your "nick" (a screen name of your choice, else Mibbit will assign one for you), and then click on Connect.

IRC chat room

Here's an alternate link into the same chat room, which (for mysterious reasons) some computers find more palatable:

Mibbit chat room

Also there's this one:

W2P's Mibbit channel

(Our previous chat room, the Writers Den hosted by AOL, is completely gone. AOL has blocked all of its older software versions from functioning, which includes access to the old chats.)

Here is our weekly schedule, plus more detailed access information. IRC and Mibbit are usually quite smooth to work with, however we've detailed some hints for newcomers.

W2P Schedule and Access

If you're encountering our W2P writer's group for the first time, here's some information about Writing to Publish.

Dear Visitor

Our most popular offering is the Literary Fiction Genres project. This is a comprehensive listing of fiction subgenres, definitions and example titles, plus indicative keywords. It's getting page views from all over the world. (We're still adding material.)

Literary Fiction Genres

Our W2P members have created many great web sites.
These include presentations of our books and short stories, with video trailers and such, plus links to our various publishers.
We also have photos of several W2P in-person gatherings.

Members and Our Books

Here are some transcripts from our guest speaker sessions.


Writing can be fun! It's also a good idea to get a handle on the English language.

Mastering English & Computers

Over the years we've discovered many informative, inspiring, and humorous essays. This section includes a comprehensive list of Hollywood cliches, and related links.
We also have information on computer viruses and online hoaxes.

Member's Input

Writing and publishing are getting more complicated every year. Here are some useful links.


Much of this content is mirrored on our former Tripod site.


We're always adding more stuff, so do check back with us from time to time.

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