We meet 'live' each week on IRC, in our Mibbit chat room. Our sessions are held each Monday at 7 PM Pacific time, with critiques a few times per month, and sometimes we'll add a variety of other activities. (Guest speakers, contests, educational topics, etc.)
As of 2016 we're meeting every two weeks, until there is again sufficient interest to fill a weekly calendar; however we always check the chat room(s) during those bye weeks, in case of visitors.

Here's a link to reach our IRC chat sessions. These IRC chat rooms can be accessed by any type of computer, web browser or IRC application, and modem. You simply need to type in your 'nick' a.k.a. any screen name of your choice, and then click on Connect. (Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the Mibbit server to respond, so please be patient.)

IRC chat room

Here's an alternate link, which some computers find more palatable:

Mibbit chat room

You can also try this link:

W2P's Mibbit channel

Please note that Mibbit will initially suggest a nickname, so type in your preferred one instead. You can register your 'nick' (screen name) with Mibbit, and choose AutoConnect for our chat room. That makes future access nearly automatic.

If you are new here, and our posted link doesn't work completely with your web browser, you might land on their "Welcome to Mibbit" main chat-access page. If so, then simply type-or-paste in our 'channel' a.k.a. the name of our chat room, which is #WritingtoPublish, as well as your own nick/screen name.
Many types of IRC access software (applications, and browser add-on 'clients') can also remember this information for you.
Mibbit allows you to register an account, very simple data, and from then on (via cookie) it will recognize you and grant your chosen nickname, while opening the W2P channel.)

Our previous AOL chat room, the Writers Den that we used for many years, is gone. Instead the AOL company now requires a paid access portal, but none of their newer software versions (made only for Windows) will open their own traditional chat rooms.

We used to recommend AOL for email because it can be easy and colorful, and could be stored as individual files for each-and-every email, it could even be un-sent if necessary. But nowadays they have foolishly erased many of those handy features, while most other email services make colored and formatted text easy to create. Please use what is best in your own experience.

Double check your daily schedule: On Line Calendar

Here is an archive of our previous guest speakers.

Guest Speakers

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