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English is not a simple language, though it offers a tremendous range of possible expressions. In these sections are lessons, humorous pieces, and serious essays to help you master the art and skill of writing.

If you're reading this, no doubt it's on a computer screen. Here are some tutorials for folks interested in writing on their computers.

Mastering Computers

Helpful Windows Links

What do you most like to read? To write? Here is an inclusive list of fiction genres and subgenres.
Also some definitions and examples, plus genre-specific keywords.

Literary Fiction Genres

Here are some favorite lessons and essays on writing, most prepared by our own W2P members. (The English Essays section contains a popular essay on Southern Style.)

What Makes a Good Story?

Troublesome English

Fleshing Out an Idea

Advice Thread

Writing 101

English Essays

Fun With English

Here are several tutorials on especially challenging subjects.

Show, Don't Tell


Creating Great Characters

Absolute Write offers this quick 'self diagnostic' workshop.

Ten Quick Fixes

Many successful authors, past and present, have shared their wisdom. Here are some helpful sites we've discovered.

Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations

Twelve Blunders

Forward Motion

Note: These pieces have been gathered from our W2P members, and also the Internet and other popular sources. Most are in the public domain. If you know this to be otherwise, please contact us concerning that piece, and we will either remove it or add the proper attribution and permission.

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