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Thanks for dropping by the official web site of Writing to Publish, formerly the eWorld Fiction Writers group.

Our writer's critique group was founded in 1994 on eWorld (the former online service of Apple Computer) by the Editors of Writers Digest magazine. This sponsorship lasted about one year, until Apple cancelled their contract, and then shut down eWorld entirely.
Our members decided to continue as an independent group, and we found a new home on AOL. We've built real friendships, and more than 20 years later, our group continues to meet.
Note! Because of AOL's gradual decline, and unwillingness to really improve its software, we've set up a new chat room on the long-established IRC system. Our Mibbit room can be accessed by any type of computer, using any kind of modem and Internet access. (Please see our Schedule & Access page for information.)

All of us have found this group to be helpful in improving our work. We have several members who are already published (paid good rates by established publishing houses) in various genres, and others who are complete beginners. Here, we seek to improve our fiction-writing skills. We've worked with many genres, from children's tales to short stories to (chapters of) full novels of all types.

We continue to follow the basic ground rules instituted by Writer's Digest. All are welcome to participate, especially aspiring writers 18 and older. In order to become a full member, each new prospect is expected to attend a couple of our Monday live-chat sessions. If you find our work interesting, you may begin to participate by making critiques of your own.

Prospective members are expected to submit at least two of these critiques, working through the group leader. The leader will email you the pieces, and receive your critiques by email. Thus, it takes about one month to become an official W2P member.

Here's how we work:

Members take turns submitting portions of their writing to the group, via our email list. The members then read it and send back (also to everyone) their written critiques. These can and do cover grammar, style, dialogue, plotting, characterization, world-building, clarity, plausibility, and much more. Often the author (and other reviewers) will respond, and several rounds of email discussion follow. We discuss the submission and critiques further during the live Monday conference. We're polite, but honest.

Later, it will be your turn to submit your own work. This is always a bit scary, but we've all taken the plunge. Our members will tell you how much their work has improved. As a group we maintain strict standards of respect for each member's unique work and copyrights.

Our regular 'full group' meetings are held in the IRC/Mibbit chat room, every Monday at 7 PM Pacific Time (10 PM Eastern). [Temporarily, due to a lull in participation, every two weeks; though we do monitor the chat room(s) during those 'off week' Mondays.] We'll be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks again for your interest. We're an eclectic bunch, and we welcome new members. After you visit us a second time, you will receive a detailed W2P Membership Guidelines packet.

Sincerely, Paul Carlson

AOL nom de plume: W2PSushi. (W2PSushi \at\ aol /dot/ com)

Happily for writers, more and more critique groups are springing up on line. How to determine which is the right one for you?


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