Writer's Links


Writer's Links


This is the number one site for 'checking up' on agents and publishing houses. They are honest, concise, and timely.

Preditors and Editors

This page is a sort of BBB for writers, provided by the prestigious group Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. There are other useful pages as well.


Many unscrupulous people take advantage of eager, but naive, aspiring writers. The folks at this site will check out an agent in advance, and perhaps save you a lot of grief.

Agent Research

Speaking of agents, this site has many common-sense tips.

Agent Advice


This site was established for professional journalists, but all writers can benefit from their keen observations.


The English language changes fast! Keep track here:

The Word Spy

William Strunk's Elements of Style remains the Bible of careful writers. Here it is, in full and on line, along with many other classic texts.


This is a topical site from Washington State University.

Common Errors in English

Richard Lederer is the world's leading expert on the English language.


This is a handy writer's guide.

Right Writing


These writer-oriented sites feature a lot of good content, as well as many links to writer's resources and organizations. Writer's Digest Books has a large assortment of "how to" titles.

Writer's Digest

Management Alternatives

Plagiarism is not the huge problem many new writers worry about, however with ebooks and cheap scanners, a few clicks are enough to illegally copy your work. These four sites help explain precisely how to trademark your work, avoid potential legal problems, and gain enforceable protection.

Secure Your Trademark

Intellectual Property Law

Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism on Campus

Many authors are now blogging to connect with fans, to display portions of their own work, and more. Here are five web sites with great lessons and advice on how to blog successfully; or you can go all the way, and build a web site with your own domain name.

First Site Guide -- Blogging

Make a Web Site

Start Blogging Online

Review Squirrel

How to Start a Blog

The Open Colleges and ACJ organizations, private schools based in Australia (with a global outreach), offer several excellent courses for writers.

Open Colleges

Australian College of Journalism


Good writers need to be scrupulously accurate, and research can be a time-consuming endeavor. The Web can really help, and here are some good places to start.

For starters, here is a guide to cautious yet thorough and effective online researching.




One Look

The New York Times Navigator

Information Please

Encyclopedia Britannica

Reference Desk

Online Parallel Bible

Acronym Finder

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The Edward R Hamilton Co.has a huge selection, online or from their catalog. They have cheap shipping, and low prices.

Edward R Hamilton

This network of Used and Rare Book sellers is almost certain to have any title you can think of.

ABE Books

Our former member Steel provided some of her favorite writing references:

Author's Guild


Freelance Writer's Page

Knowing about the paying markets is very important for writers. Below is Steel's list of freelance market-related sites. Look for their links to MARKETS and/or FREELANCING.

Absolute Write


Fiction Factor


Market List

Writer's Weekly

SF Writer

Freelance Success

Fussy little note: none of these web sites or organizations have any formal relationship with Writing to Publish. We've checked them out, and found them to be both legitimate and helpful. However, we cannot be responsible for their actions. As with everything on the Net, please be cautious, especially when it involves your money.

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