W2P Member's Input

This section contains some informative and humorous pieces.

Since you're reading this, you obviously spend a lot of time online. There are now many millions of "netizens," making cyberspace the largest "city" in the world. As with any large community, it's a good idea to be "street wise."

Online Hoaxes

This questionaire was filled out by most of our members. In the faceless world of cyberspace, we discovered that it really helped us to get to know each other.

Who Am I

This is one of the largest lists of Hollywood cliches to be found anywhere, and we've added links to several similar web sites.

Movie Reality

Here are some of our favorite writing and computer related jokes.


Thanks to our friends at Yard Dog Press and the Asimov's magazine discussion board, here's something any writer (and those who love them) can appreciate:

You Know You're a Writer If . . .

Note: All of these pieces have been gathered from the Internet and other popular sources, and are believed to be in the public domain. If you know this to be otherwise, please contact us concerning that piece, and we will either remove it or add the proper attribution and permission.

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