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Greetings from California. I've included something about myself, and few small matters such as Religion, Science, Nature, Politics, Music, the Internet, Godzilla, and Science Fiction writing.

Life is getting too hectic. Fish ponds are always peaceful, and now you can have one on your very own computer screen. Watch, scatter some food for them, and relax for a minute. (It won't kill you.)

Koi Pond

Friends have invited me to join various social networking sites. Many authors have gravitated onto LiveJournal, and I've linked to thousands of Facebook friends.

Social Networking

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More links soon? Read and enjoy!

I enjoy these business and writers and social networking sites, although many that I'd previously set up keep changing their names, or falling into obscurity. (At least I was on Facebook ten years ago, when they had something like fifty million members.)
I'm also cuebon on Skype, though I haven't used that telecom service very often. Ditto with Instagram.

Here are a few things I've managed to accomplish:

I'm a lifelong science fiction fan, and with much encouragement have also become a writer of that genre. Here are links to many of my published short stories. Some can be read for free, some can be downloaded, and others are available in print anthologies or magazines.


For twenty years I wrote a monthly column for a newspaper with a small but worldwide readership. Here are several articles first published therein, plus some new additions. These discuss a wide range of subjects.


Upon some prompting from an online discussion board, I listed my favorite female musicians. No 'heavy' or 'urban' stuff, but a wide variety nonetheless.


In 2008, a young Russian Unificationist missionary named Elizaveta Drenicheva was imprisoned in Kazakhstan, for no other "crime" than teaching the Bible and Divine Principle. I was able to help free her, by bringing to bear some effective pressure on the Kazakh government.

Drenicheva Case

I am somewhat familiar with the Balkans, having lived there during the spring of 1991. I have written several articles on the subject, including one published in Macedonia. You can read them here.


I've done freelance work in photography, landscaping, and writing. I have a good job, and I'm always interested in additional sidelines.


I love gardening and landscaping. Doing a lot of my work in a busy schoolyard presents special challenges. Right now I don't have a web site section devoted to this interest, but here are links to some gardening magazines I really enjoy


Garden Gate

I lead an online writer's group called "Writing to Publish" We meet every second Monday at 7 PM Pacific Time, in a MIbbit IRC chat room. Our web site has plenty of helpful information, plus what may be the Internet's most thorough lists of fiction genres and movie cliches.

Writing to Publish

As a dedicated Web surfer, I have plenty of links for you. Many of these sites are of great practical use, and some are updated every week. The resources page refers to sites and publications I've found informative.



Please email me via cuebon /at/ aol /dot/ com

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