This is my favorite computer wizard's site. It's updated daily, and has a large archive of articles and links as well:

Leo LaPorte

Long ago I attended a private school in Martinez, California. This school, which closed in 1975, was immortalized in Ernest Callenbach's seminal 'green counterculture' novel Ecotopia. David Wilson maintains a home page for its alumni and friends:

Pinel School

I belong to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and love science of all kinds.


Are you into huge, lumbering monsters? Barry is a good guy, and he's the western world's foremost expert on Godzilla:

The Temple of Godzilla

I do a lot of research for my writing projects. Sometimes I'm looking for a book that my local library and bookshops cannot find (or even confirm that it exists), nor can the big online bookstores. But I can always find it here:

ABE books

Do you dabble in politics? You'll want to stay well informed. (Something the old TV networks aren't doing very well, or doing it rather selectively.)

World Net Daily

Here are two organizations with a clear and sharp view on economic prosperity.
(It's easy to recite the rhetoric, but actions -- and sometimes, keeping hands off -- count more than promises.)

Competitive Enterprise Insitutue

Manhattan Institutue

Concerned about terrorism? You should be! Listen to the experts.

On the military:


Geoff Metcalf

Politically speaking:

Jed Babbin

Victor Davis Hansen

Richard Miniter

Don Feder

Ken Timmerman

On campus:

Front Page

At the border:


What about militant Islam?

I have many Muslim friends, and they probably wish I'd not mention this at all. Darn thing is, surveys and studies, and the Arabic language media, have made it clear that a large percentage of their brethren do believe some awful (but wildly inaccurate) things, and do support (selective--maybe) violence. So there is plenty to be concerned about:

Jihad Watch

There are Muslims working to reform their religion. Not saying I agree with everything these activists say, but any healthy society needs to hold open discussions, and bear up to legitimate criticism. Here are some hopeful efforts:

Muslim WakeUp

Asra Nomani

Jewish-Palestinian Discussion Group

Worried about Global Climate Change? Good, and guess that, the climate has been changing for billions of years. As I've been saying for a long time, who says the climate is in an optimal state right now, anyway? Could we possibly make it stop changing, and if so, ought we? One volcano spews more gunk in a day than millions of guilt ridden Americans converts could possibly 'reduce.'
But don't take my word for it.

World Climate Report

Watts Up With That?

So how's your politics, anyway? Take this simple test and you might be surprised:

Self Government

Are you religious? Willing to go beyond the easy, familiar conventions? True Love is real, and that means for you also. This is the home page of my local (San Francisco Bay area) church:
Bay Area Family Church. We also have a national home page: HSA-UWC

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