Here are some articles I've had published over the years, primarily in a monthly newspaper called the Unification News. It has a small but worldwide circulation, and is read by some influential people. If I was only "preaching to the choir" with the original articles, I was thinking we might as well have an educated choir. With a wider readership in mind, I've kept the jargon in these versions to a minimum.

Some of these articles were reprinted (after translation) in Makedonska Falanga, the premier native language 'variety' monthly of Macedonia. (It later closed, due to that nation's economic difficulties.)

I've published two articles in the popular web-based publication American Thinker.

In a modified form, several of these articles have also appeared in Mensa's Philosophy SIG newsletter Synapse.

Due to word limitations required by the page sizes, the original articles were no more than 1500 words in length. Several appeared in two parts, here included on a single page. (I'm cleaning up these texts, bit by bit, with basic corrections and better web formatting.)

General Interest



Of general interest.

I'm very interested in the whole belief/rationalism debate. In early 2007, Synapse ran a condensed, hard-hitting version of my combined Notes to an Atheist, Hello Humanists, and Doubters columns. I've posted a full-text update, and added plenty of new material and links.


I'm proud to have an article in the 1/09/09 issue of American Thinker. It was followed by a long and vigorous discussion thread. Please note they are an unabashedly conservative venue, and that is how I pitched the article.

"Defect Analysis and Liberalism"

Here are several ruminations on my part, about human life and changes and interactions.
I like to use my initials for this, since I'm hardly a 'politically correct' type, plus I'm a long time Mac user.

PC's Several Laws

After months of consideration, I wrote a straightforward essay to describe many leftists I've met, or heard from. This has gained praise from conservatives in several nations, but a very strong reaction from self-identified leftists. Powerful overall slams, and emotional calls to 'take down' the whole essay, yet few have troubled to offer corrections, much less to write a different essay.
(Some leftists have denied even having an ideology, deeming such things too simplistic. However, their own recommendations are familiar indeed.)

The Leftist Worldview in 40 Points

Here's a sharp look at a very big controversy. (You won't see just the standard rants here.)

Global Warming

Given my activities in the science fiction genre, this article was a natural.

Alien Philosophy

In 2001 I summarized a crisis experienced by all Californians.

Powering California

In 2003 I took it upon myself to explain a truly bizarre political drama, one quite fitting for California.

Governing California

This two-parter is about the history and potential, for both good and evil, of communications and the Internet.

Big Brother's Biography.

Another two-parter looks at humanity's future among the planets of other stars.

Planets from Scratch

These twin articles are about illicit drugs. The first covers their history, from ancient times up to and beyond the Vietnam War. The second discusses the attraction of drugs, and some ways to overcome them.

Drug Articles

Sometimes I write 'darker' articles, reflecting my interest in the Homeric Epics and their most enigmatic character, Cassandra. This controversial and opinionated two-part article explores the worst problem America has, the ongoing ruination of its children.

For the Children

This article says something positive about America. These days we all need more of that, especially knowing it's not just a bunch of campaign-speech hooey.

The American Heritage

Of interest to Unificationists.

The Unification Church is known for its large wedding ceremonies. These are built upon a long course of preparation and strict personal standards. Today, in the face of an overwhelmingly secular world, there is discussion on whether to relax those qualifications.

Blessing Standards

As a lay apologist, I'm in a position to address certain issues more candidly than formal church leaders. Our Founder lived to be over 90 years old, and Unificationists inevitably face tests that every new religion has already passed--or failed.

United We Stand

In its earlier stages, our movement worked extremely hard to accomplish a lot. This moved God's providence forward, and helped keep deadly Marxist revolutions at bay--but we pushed many people too hard. This article called for balance.

Hospital Ward

It's almost impossible to discuss the Unification movement without delving into the persecution and controversy that has surrounded its entire history. This firestorm was almost Biblical in scope, and our people aren't entirely blameless.


This article helped lay the intellectual groundwork for two important Unificationist traditions: community service, and our ceremonial 'rites of passage' for young people.

Coming of Age

Even with some wonderful youth ministries, my religion's youth continue to face challenges. (As do those of many sincere faiths.) Thus, this 'no holds barred' article.

Second Generation

Here's one of the most controversial articles I've ever penned. (Or is that keyboarded?)

Opposing Forces

These twin articles appeared, in parallel, in the UNews and on my own Facebook site.

A Well-Rounded Child and Ten Benefits of Fundraising

A rather messy situation has appeared in the Unification movement, partially around the year 2010 and more stridently in 2015. As I myself predicted, for example in United We Stand as linked above, schisms have begun to appear. One small, but nasty and outrageous, group is called the Sanctuary Church.
(I find this rather embarrassing, however for Unificationists it's important to grasp the full scope of this fast-evolving situation.)

PC's Concerns

Thanks for your interest and perseverance. Here's a special web-only article for you.

Life in the Midway Position

In 2004 my good friend Kevin Thompson got swept up in a multi-agency investigation, then busted by an ambitious Federal prosecutor. In my opinion, the media accounts were blown all out of proportion, and lacked some key facts. Those self-proclaimed social saviors of the "anti cult" movement have been making hay out of it ever since.
I've posted a few documents and personal observations, by way of balance.

Shark Case

External Archive.

Gary Fleisher's popular TParents web site archives the Unification News. He's consolidated many of its contributors onto indexed pages, and this one is the Carlson's. (The posted articles reflect, let's just say, all stages of my development as a writer.)
I'm not actually related to David or Lois Carlson, or their daughter Kaeai, but please enjoy those articles, too.

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