Upon my return from Macedonia and Kosovo, I described my experiences in my very first article for the Unification News, which was published in the June 1991 issue. You can read it here: An Open and Friendly People

In 1995 I was commissioned to write an opinion piece for Makedonska Falanga, which was (at that time) the premier, native-language, monthly variety publication in that newly-independent nation. It was read by many of their leaders, and I hope it gave them some encouragement, and perhaps even some new ideas: Macedonia Old and New

In addition to getting into print, I was "covered" by a popular talk radio host, Jim Eason of KSFO in San Francisco. In April of 1999 he read a long email of mine, about Kosovo, at the opening of his show. I have included the text here: Radio Message

Finally, here is a two part article published in summer 1999: Balkan Lessons

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