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PC's List of Concerns about the Sanctuary Church

PC's List of Concerns about Hyun Jin and his Movement

Four of Rev. and Mrs. Moon's grown children are, or have, led spinoff movements of their own. (Including older son Hyun Jin, daughter In Jin, and sons Kook Jin & Hyung Jin together.) English speakers, and even many native Koreans, have trouble distinguishing between (the names of) two of those sons, thus many have solved this by nicknaming them "H1" (Hyun) and "H2"(Hyung), however they and their supporters profess offense at this. Here, I will usually spell out their names in full. In the case of Hyun Jin/H1, I will use "his movement" because it doesn't have one widely recognized name.

This list is patterned upon the first List of Concerns, written about Hyung Jin and his Sanctuary Church. While Hyun Jin's schism and now-separate organizations are actually some five years older, they've been quieter and far more dignified. However, they managed (via leadership coups and court battles) to gain control of vastly greater resources. (Some claim as much as two billion dollars' worth, centered on several thriving businesses, many expensive properties, plus a major development project in Seoul.) Hence, now they have a list of their very own.

♥ For outside observers, I should mention that the vast majority of Unificationists are quite concerned by Hyun Jin's actions. He often lists his grievances yet gains little sympathy, and he shows as much anger as wisdom, while living like a wealthy recluse. He started his schism with a small, intensely loyal, paid staff; then some of them jumped ship, while in five years just a handful of Unificationists have joined his organization(s).

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    - Paul Carlson

The List of Concerns about Hyun Jin:

  1. Maintaining a very controversial stance: that his own father, the Rev. SM Moon [True Father] was utterly deceived in the later years of his life, by evil advisors, thus wrongly convinced that his loyal son was a renegade? (When Hyun Jin actually was that renegade, taking off with more than one billion dollars' worth of the movement's assets, based upon sharp legalistic maneuvers.)

  2. Claiming to be "protecting the assets" that he took over, but instead, selling off many of those properties, and defiantly standing against several costly lawsuits, for six years and counting? (There could only be lawsuits if there's a stubborn second-entity to sue, and Hyun Jin heads that entity. He also set a precedent for his younger brothers Kook Jin and Hyung Jin, who launched another separate movement.)

  3. Permitting or encouraging the use of pseudonyms by his vocal supporters? Claiming the legal perils were-and-remain so great that many of his supporters were better off anonymous? (In effect, saying, "All you UC members really should join with us, meanwhile we are so afraid of you and your leaders that we're refusing to tell you our names." This is such an unusual psychology it may not have a name, anyway it turned off nearly everyone concerned.)

  4. Pointedly refusing his father's specific instruction to step down from his (then current) positions, to spend one year at his father's side? Then cutting off totally from his own father and mother, moving hurriedly to the Seattle area with his newborn grandson, denying them the opportunity to see the child? (From that fateful day until now, Hyun Jin continues to remain physically and in other ways separate. He now says his official positions were too important, and his father too much in error, for him to have taken a year's sabbatical. Many others note, given True Father's style, it probably would not have been a literal full year anyway.)

  5. Constantly saying, when his father was still alive, how the man was in great peril -- yet in effect claiming to be helpless to assist the man, or even communicate vital information to him, for some two long years? Never visiting his father during the man's later life, and rarely-if-ever contacting his still-living mother? Making a scene at his father's public funeral, showing up unannounced with several bus-loads of people, including unsuspecting members of a secular hiking club? (Then complaining ever afterwards, with that same implausible scenario; and trying to rewrite those well-documented events at the funeral at Cheongpyeong.)

  6. Holding tight control over the assets he took over, moving funds around the world, and setting up a Swiss financial entity called Kingdom Investments to hide those funds? Placing only non-and-former Unification Church [UC] members on the board of that entity? (This only came out thanks to one court document, and intensive research revealed more detail. Hyun Jin's response was to banish those who disclosed the truth (this page author and one other man) from discussing things online, in a popular Internet forum.)

  7. "Running a tight ship," as one of his supporters called it, to the point his paid staff is forbidden to ever mention Kingdom Investments? Normal conversation with his supporters remaining difficult, because when controversy occurs, there will usually be silence for a couple of weeks, followed by uniform talking points? (Such loyalty is impressive, however, not a situation in which most people are willing to place themselves.)

  8. Claiming to be True Father's genuine universal heir, the one appointed claimant to the heavenly throne; when in reality, almost all of his supporters are on his long-time paid staff? Only a handful of English-speaking people, in six years, seeing enough value to join Hyun Jin's movement? (There are exceptions. In this page author's observation, due to personal loyalty to a pioneering missionary, the church members in Chile; and due to great financing, those in Mongolia, mostly chose to join his camp. Most other UC members, worldwide, are less impressed.)

  9. Insisting that he upholds his father's legacy in the most true and reliable way, yet shedding almost all religious aspects from his movement? Then turning around, years onward, and creating a Family Peace Association which looks very much like a church? (He changed the umbrella financial organization Unification Church International's very name to its mere initials. This author predicted, early on, that Hyun Jin was becoming too secular to launch a serious or lasting movement. Perhaps he now agrees, yet his recent efforts appear rigid and calculated; though its constituent members-and-families continue to enjoy the wonderful, selfless, spirituality taught them by Rev. Moon, and many are doing wonderful service projects.)

  10. Trying very hard to reflect his eminent father's character and conduct, but coming up way short? Being consistent in his message, to the extent he seems to be acting by rote? Showing a harsh temper but not much love? (His supporters are very proud of Hyun Jin's steadiness, and it seems he is that, to the point he's been repeating the same basic three-or-four sermons for twenty years. The annual Official Letters he published, for a couple of years after his schism, appeared to be ghostwritten. Occasional video releases show Hyun Jin repeatedly kicking people, or literally screaming-out a paint-blistering judgmental sermon. Rarely is he shown personally doing any service work, or giving counsel, or nine-tenths of the other things SM Moon was beloved for.)

  11. Wanting to be a world savior, yet only appearing in public for fancy scripted VIP events a few times each year? Holding some large enthusiastic rallies, a few years back, but with no known effective followup? (Hyun Jin now pays himself quite handsomely, and (allegedly) double-deals to himself via the organizations he took over. Meanwhile, he lives in one of the most exclusive gated communities in the western United States, thus very few people get to even see his house, much less go inside. His supporters say this mansion is needed to impress VIPs, however, Rev. Moon's big mansion (in Irvington, NY) was host (despite numerous threats from opponents) to a continual torrent of ordinary UC members and leaders and secular VIPs and more.)

  12. Playing the "victim card" continually, often listing his grievances, and appealing for sympathy? When he profited something like a second billion dollars, from a development deal in Seoul, while most of his staff is resolutely loyal? Then complaining when the tide turns, and legal decisions go against him? (It's a metaphorical case of "live by the legal diktat, die by the legal diktat." Hyun Jin grabbed those assets through clever maneuvers, but after years of legal wrangling, and many ignored pleas (by all sides in the dispute) to "drop the lawsuits," he might lose those same assets via a major court decision.)

  13. Remaining vague about the role of his mother [Hak Ja Han, True Mother] all along, not stating whether he'd counted her among the "wicked amoral deceivers" surrounding his father, or instead was she a fellow victim of them? In recent months, beginning to adopt the Sanctuary Church's style of floating nasty accusations about his mother and her (supposed) new teachings? (While dodging obvious related questions, and for years on end. Now, bringing in just the worst aspect of his more-charismatic younger brother's ministry!)

● This page title says "his movement" because there is no widely recognized or agreed-upon name for Hyun Jin's overall organization. Early on, after weeks of insistent queries, his main translator posted, "We prefer to be called the Unification Movement." Which was not helpful, because there is already the original, active, much larger, movement of the same designation. Their main public activities, launched by Rev. Moon and continued by Hyun Jin, are called Global Peace Festivals; however those are occasional events, rather than a continuous (much less an umbrella) organization.

♥ What is attractive about Hyun Jin's movement? Several elder UC members, and also (unlike with Hyung Jin's overwhelmingly-older Sanctuary Church) several grown second-generation Unificationists, are staunch and well-spoken supporters. Hyun Jin was placed in charge of several organizations by his father, and did a good job of leading them. He has been consistent for decades, he has stayed with his original wife, and his grown children are doing quite well. (One son is a West Point graduate.) He has also been very generous, in at least one instance, when the wife of a staffer came down with cancer.
   Hyun Jin is pragmatic about many things, and has kept (at least some of) the companies he took over doing well, in particular the seafood industries. He is great at interacting with VIPs at the highest level, and reportedly his staff has taught some of them the Divine Principle. He loves the outdoors, and owns a ranch (a previously UC-related property) in Montana. He emphasizes family values and initiative, at least verbally, and despite the "tight ship" his supporters speak of being independent.

♦ There may be responses to this list, and if so (and they are deemed relevant), I'll be glad to post a dialog, as already done with SC supporters. In discussing the above-listed points and issues with Hyun Jin's supporters (UCI, KI, GPF, FPA, etc.), what can I add but, don't get frustrated. They are highly discipled, and will probably ignore pertinent questions until (it seems) a standard response is agreed upon, then all of them will repeat that same line. Many such points are rebuffed, with a legalistic excuse (and some apparent paranoia), even when it involves discussing-or-publishing speeches Hyun Jin gave twenty years ago.

A note to those who are interested, concerned, perhaps offended; and to some who have a team of attorneys on speed dial:
This web page contains the  personal  opinions  of the author, and is provided for  educational  purposes
The full documentation is difficult to find, due to Hyun Jin's long-time reticence, and his great respect for lawyers. He has published some books, and his older speeches are available on line.

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