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    A quick recap:
    For multiple reasons, several of Rev. SM Moon's own children (plus a man who claims, without evidence, to be an illegitimate son) are now leading ministries of their own. Most of them assert their right to be the entire movement's only real and true leader, and so their current separate organization is supposed to become the whole show. (Whether this is realistic or not, schismatic fervor usually overrides historical knowledge or common sense.)
    Here I am addressing the small-yet-determined new Sanctuary Church ("SC") movement launched by Hyung Jin Moon, his older brother Kook Jin Moon, and Hyung Jin's wife Yeon Ah. If this article seems harsh, it pales in comparison to their own words and actions, and to most of the SC's vocal supporters.
    So far, three SC members have responded to this list, in any detail. Jerry Heying took a lot of time, and then northern California SC leader Kyle Toffey posted the man's rebuttal on his official SC Nor-Cal web page, also thanking Paul Carlson for "helping people to understand the SC better." (Until, without notice to myself or apparently to Mr. Heying, Mr. Toffey removed all the content from that page. The URL was still there, but no text, and not yet archived by the Internet Archive.)
    Fortunately, Mr. Heying also posted the content to his own blog. He's not a professional author, and the reader is welcome to weigh the blog's personal tone and content, overall clarity, quality and helpfulness of the answers, wider relevance, and etc.

    Here I've responded to the text that is online as of 18 January 2016. While I continue to clarify and correct the main List of Concerns, and (unfortunately) it keeps on getting longer, for the sake of clarity and fairness this page holds the exact version addressed by Mr. Heying.
    - Paul Carlson

    The List of Concerns, with some objections (Answers) plus my Responses:

        ● (The red text is from Mr. Toffey's original web page, while Paul Carlson's followups are in blue .)
  1. Continuing, vile and lurid, public accusations against his {Hyung Jin's} own mom? Encouraging dozens of other people to launch new and harsher ways to condemn her? (How many religious figures, or secular VIPs, spend so much time and energy condemning their own mother? Despite several public requests, SC members have not found even one comparison. One rare example was the book and movie Mommie Dearest, which came out in the 1990s, long after Joan Crawford's death.)

    A[nswer]. It is true that HgJN has been harsh towards his own mother (harsh is a polite word). I too, don't like it one bit. However, when you look at it from HgJN's perspective, what he believes TM has done, and is doing, is totally destroying the entire foundation that TF prepared for the future, and is leading the entire movement away from TF. She left her objective position and took the subject position and has changed just about everything that TF established as sacred. Considering that HgJN was entrusted with the position of the heir, he's a little miffed that his own mother is destroying everything that was provided to him as the heir by True Father.
    Regarding "religions attacking another religion", well, HgJN has no interest to start a "new" religion. What he is doing is carrying on the work of his father, who happened to be the Messiah and Lord of the second advent. Not your ordinary "religion".

    Response: Few people except a fervent Sanctuary Church supporter would think such shocking accusations are warranted, or imagine that the whole divine providence is crashing down. But even if it were, Hyung Jin's style is far too harsh to be constructive or helpful.
    The SC is already, in practice and by comparison, the newest of several minor Unificationist denominations.

  2. Extensively quoting the Bible, however, introducing starkly new and unfamiliar interpretations? (Including the use of Biblical prophecies such as "the AntiChrist" and "the Whore of Babylon" to describe his actual mother; terms which every educated Christian knows refer to two different entities, one an individual man and the other symbolizing a nation.)

    A. The bible is the foundation for the principle (OT, NT, CT). The Whore of Babylon reference comes from Revelation 17 which depicts a vision of a woman who does not morn the loss of her husband and was dressed in a purple robe and had something in her hand (sorry, I forgot), which sadly resembles how TM looked when she took a stance wearing a purple robe with a staff in her hand standing like an Emporeress proudly defiant. Rev 17 is about the last days and it sure seems like TM is not morning the loss of her husband and is taking a position of power which is not hers to take.

    Response: These are murky personal impressions, and ad-hoc theological speculations. "She's wearing the wrong color robe!" serves to illustrate just how far-out this situation has become.

  3. Photoshopping his mother {Hak Ja Han, titled True Mother} out of historical and providential photos? (When many genuine copies are extant, guaranteeing quick exposure.)

    A. Because TM has left her position, she lost her place of honor.

    Response: So in politics and religion and history, photoshopping-out disfavored people is supposed to become the new standard? Or is the SC claim that this one individual is so uniquely wicked that only she gets such treatment?

  4. Strident concerns about two specific collections of Rev. SM Moon's sermons and quotations (one older and one newer version), and claiming that one such collection is paramount above all others, to the point of its going out-of-print having (allegedly) caused utter providential ruin? (When all of those precious words remain fully available as sermon volumes, and all are continually honored worldwide, while the SC is allowing that one collection to remain hard-to-find, by refusing to publish their own edition.)

    A. TF specifically said don't change the CSG. He poured over it again and again and said don't touch it. TM changed it. The first part of Eve's fall was disobeying the commandment given by God. TF clearly said he was from the God of Night, and TM from the God of Day. He gave TM a command and it was her responsibility to obey his command. Not only did she not follow his command, she was defiant about it. So it's not about what you think is the inconsequential changes, it's the total disobedience to a command given to her by her husband who represented God, and she unfallen Eve standing in the garden. It's the fall all over (the original fall was disobedience to the command which then manifested through an act).

    Response: A partial statement, with important parts skipped over, and a stock answer given instead. As to what is said here, so the "wrong" title of a quote-collection book equals the Biblical fall of man?

  5. Condemning hundreds of wonderful new Blessed couples to a fallen hell, claiming their holy weddings were invalid? (Thus crudely alienating the movement's best young people, and for trivial reasons.)

    A. Unfortunately, because TM left her position as the object partner of TF (eventually the 4 fallen natures), and then held several Blessings alone, and used only one pledge instead of the original 4 established by TF, this invalidates the Blessings as genuine (they were not sanctioned). Not a trivial matter. If TM left her position and is out of order, then whatever she does is out of order. God is a little particular how things are done (sorry if that bothers you'll have to take that up with him).

    Response: It's proving rather fortunate for the ambitious Hyung Jin, at least for now. Here, the key word is "if" and that is no settled matter. Nor does it justify the blunt foolishness of that much condemnation. Also note, the young couples in question have universally ignored this calumny, with a tiny handful of (apparently troubled) exceptions.
    Also, the Catholic Church has wisely deemed "once a priest, always a priest" when it comes to the performance of marriages and other sacraments; something Unificationists could learn from.

  6. Objecting strenuously to taking True Father {Rev. Moon} off life support, hinting in turns that he was deliberately killed, or at least, should have been kept alive until Foundation Day? (When that big day was more than 5 months away, and the man had suffered multiple organ failures. Also, miracles of revival often take place after the artificial machinery is disconnected.)

    A. Yes, the two sons objected to taking TF off life support (primarily to counter Hyo Nam Kim who was pushing TM to pull the plug on TF. HgJN has video of TF at that time and TF was alive with eyes open-not comatose. Both HgJN and KJN position was that if you pull the plug, you are killing the LSA. After they requested a vote from the elders, HgJN, KJN, and Bo Hi Pak all said no and TM backed off. There position was TF should die a natural death and not at the hands of anyone let alone TM or Hyo Nam Kim. I'm not sure where you got the idea of keeping him alive until foundation day-I've never heard that one before.

    Response: An illustration of the conspiracy-theory mindset which pervades the SC, top to bottom. Hyung Jin now claims to have a video, yet no one has ever seen it; something which would contradict every official medical report. Not even Hyun Jin (H1) dared claim that much, only reporting that his bed-ridden father (allegedly) squeezed his hand in affirmation. Yet SC adherents believe the claim anyway.
    Hyun Jin/GPF first said that Father can-and-should have lived until Foundation Day, then SC members picked it up.

  7. Negating the Age of Women and bringing back an Old Testament patriarchy? (Making vivid statements such as, "Women are 5% and Men are 95%," but with no explanatory details or actual theology.)

    A. TF lived in the completed testament age and he pretty much established things centered on males being in the subject position and females in the object position. Yes TF established Women's Federation but that does not put women in charge over men. Yes, if a subject and object reciprocate in perfect harmony, the object can at times be in the subject position, but the order within a family is the husband is the subject.

    Response: The Divine Principle's subject and object positions are on an equal plane. Rev. Moon placed many women in leadership positions. He spoke numerous times about an Age of Women. Meanwhile, the SC gives every appearance of rebuilding some ancient patriarchy.

  8. Being completely tricked by secular men who advocate delusional paranoid conspiracy theories? Among a mere handful of nonreligious, special guest speakers, Hyung Jin invites two famous 9-11 Truthers to speak from his own official pulpit? (Paul L Williams and Richard Gage, also indirectly Alex Jones and etc., with their outlandish material claims, that require physical evidence, which is wholly absent. Also, SC members defending Jones and his myriad lunacies with profane sarcastic swaggering posts, on Facebook and elsewhere.)

    A. It's incredible to me that Unificationists like you are unable to see how Satan manifests his will here on earth. It would be easy to see Satan if he was like Snidley Whiplash wearing a cape or a devil with horns and you could see everything he does in plain view (and why hasn't the world been able to see Gods history being manifested either?). Both God and Satan who are in a historical battle fighting over man have been working throughout the ages to direct man in their direction, most of it being done without the recognition of ordinary people.

    Response: This is a Truther-style non answer, with a now-familiar SC twist. Yes, God and Satan quarrel, and that doesn't make any conspiracy theory become correct. Not in general, and certainly not in detail. Evil fosters conflict and disunity, while reporters and historians investigate things, thus any actual conspiracy is soon revealed.

  9. Changing his focus and style and declared beliefs, every two years or so, through all of his adult life? (Now deemed by the SC as spiritual growth, some observers see this as instability. Martial arts, Buddhism, Pentecostal, invented SC rituals, etc., but then turning around to deem his years in Buddhism to be "a mistake.")

    A. It's called growth Paul, and finding ones self. He's grown, he's developed. Yes he got back into the bible and studied Jesus (like that's a problem?). When you read TF speeches especially early ones, he spoke incisively of Jesus. TF came on his foundation. Jesus brought spiritual salvation so TF only needed to complete the physical salvation based on Jesus success of the spiritual salvation (which we all still need as well as forgiveness).

    Response: Growth is good. Phases of life are normal. Calling Buddhism a mistake is not, and Hyung Jin's Strawberry book was excellent. Swerving into a storm of loudly resentful finger-pointing is not growth.

  10. Boldly preaching complete falsehoods, about many terrible things the UC/FFWPU is now supposed to be teaching, or forbidding? (When the actual story is revealed, such as about an Eve = Subject chart, or the banning of the "Blessing of Glory" song, apologies are made then retracted by Hyung Jin's underlings.)

    A. After TM changed the CIG Anthem, if someone sang Blessing of Glory, they were chastised. Same for praying to Heavenly Father. The chart you refer to that someone said was a printing error, is still being used in numerous places. Seems that most of those things are happening in Korea and Japan and haven't filtered there way to USA yet. Be patient, they'll be coming soon.

    Response: None of this is correct. There is zero specific evidence, not at the time those accusations were made, and none since. But this stuff fits the SC narrative, so its adherents are happy to believe it.

  11. Attracting several vocal Sanctuary Church members who are well-known to have psychiatric problems, or neurotic compulsions, or abusive childhoods; then instead of urging them to get serious help, cheering their anti-UC rants and just egging them on? (While many UC pastors and elders have become licensed counselors.)

    A. Are you talking about me?!?! Behind the scenes there are efforts to help those who appear to need help. How the hell do you know what's being done or not being done? And your comparing a 50 year organization with a one year org?

    Response: Oddly enough, every SC member who's responded to this point has said the same thing. Several vocal SC supporters, two older men in particular [not Mr. Heying], have for many years shown major psychological problems. On SC forums, despite this being widely known, they are never doubted, instead their rambling posts are either ignored or cheered.
    What might be "behind the scenes" has remained so, deeply shrouded.

  12. Stepping away from his duties as International President, denouncing the organization he'd been a leader of, and then after losing his official position, "firing" each-and-every UC/FFWPU leader, with no exceptions? (After being tolerantly ignored by everyone, continuing as though he'd been correct. Also note, this "he was fired [unjustly]" issue has some merit, though the whole story is long, convoluted, and debatable. Further, SC members often praise Hyung Jin's personal decision to move to, and also to "rescue" his son from a cloistered life in Korea by bringing the child to, rural Pennsylvania.)

    A. Stepping away? Uh, Paul, he was fired by TM. Fired. And he went to the wilderness to reflect. After he came to terms with the position TF gave him he took position and did what he had to do. Those who betrayed TF and stood with TM when they had all pledged to TF to follow him and not TM. Yes, he fired them. That is his authority.

    Response: This is a long convoluted story, much like the historical Korean palace dramas it so resembles. Several factions, conniving old-guards and brash young-bucks, with their existing policies and fresh ideas, all clashed. Hyung Jin might have been unjustly relieved of certain positions, and he did not stick around to contest that. Also, he wasn't relieved as International President (of the UC/FFWPU) until well after he'd moved to Pennsylvania and began his pubic tirades.
    SC members simultaneously glorify the story of Hyung Jin rescuing his son from a cloistered "palace" life in Korea, and bringing the child into the verdant countryside. The man freely chose where his family lives today.

  13. Saying it was a huge violation to alter the Blessing vows, and to change any tradition once instituted by Father, yet adding full immersion baptism (and etc.) to his ongoing ("optional," but led from the very top) Sanctuary Church rituals? (Also criticizing huge donation requests to Japanese members, which may well be a righteous position, yet those too were instituted by Father.)

    A. He conducted some baptisms for those who wanted to participate to have a deeper understanding of the forgiveness of Jesus. Is that a sin? Would TF be pissed? Sorry Paul but I see no harm for him doing this (with the support of Rev Jesse Edwards). Regarding the Japan donations, yes TF initiated it years ago and HgJN discussed it with TF and he approved HgJN and KJN to take the burden off the backs of the Japanese. I'm not aware that TF knew that CP was charging the Japanese 20x what everyone else had to pay. TF scolded Hyo Nam Kim as he told he to set up a place in each continent so members wouldn't have to travel and spend more money.

    Response: So there is no dispute, Hyung Jin did adopt Pentecostal and other worship styles. For whatever reason, he really did change things.
    Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, along with Mr. Peter Kim (no relation), have become the boogeymen of both the GPF and SC schisms. They are, otherwise, widely respected.
    It's a brand-new claim that Rev. Moon did not know Japanese members were being charged more money, at Cheongpyeong and all around. That's an unsupportable position, because the man himself set up that system, and it's existed for decades.

  14. Spending months telling everyone that the Cheongpyeong ancestor liberation process is utterly fraudulent, then (without much detail), declaring that he can do it better, with the same parameters though for less money? Finally offering that service in a way nearly identical to Cheongpyeong? (Again, a mixed issue, as Japanese UC members really are asked for huge sums, when everyone else (who wished to participate) donates more affordable amounts.)

    A. Because TM said everyone must now liberate 420 levels of ancestors at CP, and because he knows that CP charges so much more to Japanese, he conducted an ancestor liberation (based on the authority granted to him by TF and having conducted numerous liberations at TF's request) with no financial requirement to anyone other than an offering of their own choice. Very gracious.

    Response: The main point is, Hyung Jin simply accepted that entire premise and system, the only difference being the lessening of the donations expected. Gracious indeed, also logically inconsistent, as it's contradictory to his earlier remonstrations.

  15. Accepting his closest Sanctuary Church supporter's bold assertions that he and his wife have not, will not, and implicitly can not, mess up or go off course? Also, Hyung Jin proclaiming that he and his wife, and (next) his own male descendants, have become the only full embodiments of the True Parents? (Despite slamming his own sibling's many failures, and previously admitting that he himself is a sinner.)

    A. Not sure where you heard he cannot screw up. I've never heard him say that. Regarding saying he is a sinner, from a biblical perspective can anyone say they haven't sinned and don't need forgiveness? Anyone? Paul? Bueller?

    Response: Many observers have reached the same conclusion, that the SC has staked everything upon the words and acts and future of one male "heir to the throne," to the exclusion of all Hyung Jin's siblings and their own grown children. When pushed, a few SC members will admit that Hyung Jin might theoretically screw up, however barely a word of concern or criticism has been publicly shown, about his current outrages.

  16. Preaching about apocalyptic Biblical visions-of-doom such as those of Ezekiel and Revelations, with their infamously harsh (but apparently not symbolic) depictions of immanent widespread destruction? Also, repeating the popular Christian prophecies of Jonathan Cahn and others, which explicitly indicate a living AntiChrist, a literal Rapture, and the incipient Second Coming on the Clouds? (Something very different from the Divine Principle view, and with no coherent explanation of how the SC prophecy differs from Cahn's.)

    A. Quite a number of people are projecting great difficulty in the times ahead let alone the times we live in now. From a providential perspective, the world wars were somewhat apocalyptic (especially if the side of evil would have won). Are we not facing the possibility of WWIII? Not sure where you heard about a physical rapture. TF coming back? Why not? Any principle reason he can't?

    Response: Apparently the SC has rushed onward, leaving Cahn and his literal fundamentalist prophecies behind. Still, a clear-or-official explanation has yet to be given.
    In contrast, the UC and its Divine Principle describe most of those prophesied events as having already occurred, generally before the year 1960. (The Cold War stretched on longer, then thanks in part to Rev. Moon's efforts, evil communism was overcome, and without a major war. A sharp conflict with Islam was also foreseen by Father.)

  17. Claiming that the FFWPU symbol (with its stylistic three-generation family) is satanic, with the upraised arms seen as beastly horns; a terrible sign of an accursed movement and leadership? (When nobody, including Hyung Jin himself, had noticed for all these years. Creator artist Pier Angelo Beltrami is not, by any account, a satanist!)

    A. I believe that HgJN made reference to the symbol being eerily and seemingly seen as a symbol described in revelations. I don't believe his reference to it was considered satanic.

    Response: A distinction without a difference.

  18. Proclaiming a new Cheon Il Guk constitution, which quotes the entire Bill of Rights in guaranteeing individual liberty, and then continuing with numerous references to Crowns and Kings, which ideologically and historically are anathema to that document? (The official document, as written by Kook Jin and his Freedom Society friends, grants the two brothers by name lifelong absolute irrevocable powers, as combined political and secular rulers, with only their own male descendants inheriting those top offices.)

    A. CIG is Korean for the KINGDOM of Heaven on Earth. Kingdom. TF established God as the King of Kings. Kingdom. King. Gods sovereignty is a Kingdom and his authority is granted through a king. Better than a dictatorship but I remember TF once saying a dictatorship of God wouldn't be a bad thing.
    The Constitution of the United States of CIG is a unique document, and yes TF linage is granted certain authority. You can chose to not abide by their authority. You can chose to not abide by the authority granted to you by TF as a Central Blessed Family or owner of CIG. If you believe that HgJN is the heir and representative of True Parents, and that HgJN and KJN restored the historical Cain and Abel division, then you probably don't have an issue with their positions that they will assume once a CIG nation is established.

    Response: There was a gap of several weeks, from when a new SC-based CIG Constitution was first mentioned, and when it was published in full. When queried, most SC members (on Facebook and other forums) said they thought this section would refer to a spiritual king, more like Jesus or the Pope. When the actual document named two absolute secular rulers, SC members rapidly got on board. They now call Hyung Jin "Our King," some even objecting to the use of his common name.

  19. A propensity to latch onto popular or fringe scientific theories, and "run with them" to unwarranted or extreme conclusions? Using one such notion to boast and bash, not mentioning how that particular theory was created and popularized by atheist secular humanists? (That is, E.O. Wilson's classic r/K Theory of reproductive strategies, which places all humans into one category. Later on, some Evolutionary Psychologists attempted to expand that into human cultures, politics, even personality types. Hyung Jin doesn't name Wilson, while his SC defenders immediately claimed one personality type for themselves, deemed it superior, and utilized this as a put-down.)

    A. Not sure that SC members place themselves in a superior personality type, but it is quite interesting to see how the nation is eerily divided into R and K type of behaviors or personality types. I think it's pretty neat.

    Response: More evidence that, if Hyung Jin says to, SC members will eagerly accept a materialist secular theory, even a fringe one that's remained controversial in scientific circles. There are many such theories, and yes, some insights might be gained.

  20. Allowing his SC members to whisper, or to shout, scandalous lurid rumors about long-respected UC leaders, and with zero evidence? Floating specific accusations of child sex abuse, of extramarital affairs by True Mother, and much more? (Coming only from anonymous sources and/or sudden "recollections," when for decades even the strongest opponents of Rev. SM Moon never said those things; against men and women who Father kept at his side for decades.)

    A. Most of the references come from known sources such as Hyo Jin Nim, or their personal experience with TF. I believe that TF was aware of probable problems with those leaders that surrounded him but as the messiah, he had to give everyone the chance to repent and change. I believe he knew the possibility that TM could fail but he had to allow her freedom, the same as God had to give Adam and Eve freedom.

    Response: Brand-new accusations have been emerging from SC circles, far worse than before, yet with zero evidence. Perhaps Hyung Jin can find it in himself to repent for this, and change.

  21. Announcing that the "Six Marys" rumors are literally true, saying that Father was 100% correct in every such (alleged) activity? Also advising all Unificationist sisters to desire, and to dream of, having literal sex with Father? (With no source given for many otherwise-unknown biographical details. This while pledging to keep his own marriage monogamous.)

    A. If you understand the true nature of God is to be intimate with his children, and True Father returned as the physical manifestation of God (of Night), then this is not a bad thought. TF made numerous references to this over the years. Because of our fallen minds, this is not easy to digest. This is something you either believe or don't. If you don't believe that HgJN is aligned with TF, you'll have a hard time believing anything he does or says.

    Response: An insider sort of religious claim, drawing upon something Rev. Moon taught late in his life ("the God of Day and the God of Night"). This has puzzled many Unificationists, who continue to discuss the theological and practical meaning.
    Further, this is an affirmation of the SC's full dependence upon Appeal to Authority, or less politely, a cult of personality.

  22. An odd relationship with Korean traditions, so that individual freedom and style are verbally emphasized, while simultaneously, a rigorous and ancient decorum is enforced, even beyond the SC's precincts? (Mother is sharply castigated for "sitting in Father's chair," even as Yeon Ah is praised for being a great female preacher. When many photos of True Parents sitting in each other's chairs, over the years, were shown, SC members doubled-down by claiming to know that only certain of those chairs represented consequential "thrones.")

    A. TM sitting in TF chair is just another sign of her being disrespectful to TF. YAN who is united with her husband is very supportive and respectful to HgJN. Whenever she speaks, it is usually quite deep.

    Response: It's "disrespect" in the eye of beholders with an agenda.
    Yeon Ah is certainly welcome to preach, and the SC might be better off with her in charge.

  23. Showing a thin skin and dramatic flair, quick to cry "Persecution!" and yet, not showing much of the dignified fortitude that Christian and other saints are known for? (Reacting to a legal note, sent to YouTube, with a blood-red teardrop at the pulpit. Also, SC-Japan leaders comparing their own situation to historical Hidden Christians, like a Japanese version of violating Godwin's Law.)

    A. Once again, comparing HgJN to any other Christian minister. Note to Paul, HgJN is TF youngest son and heir to TF linage, and he is being persecuted by the very organization that TF put him in charge of and that he should be leading in stead of TM. Yeah, he is a tad upset.

    Response: Any other Christian minister would show more dignity. Someone who wishes to fulfill the role of heir could learn from this.

  24. A religion which abjures grace and forgiveness, but instead makes continual, not-so-veiled threats of violence? Hyung Jin warned UC leaders, "I'm coming to get you!" and then (in a later sermon) described his own personal AR15 rifle, and gets praised for that? (SC members have sent warnings of "swift punishment for thoughtlessly sinful Han Group members," including (for example) a Facebook post with a news photo of massacred bodies. Then they'll remind viewers it's just an unofficial outlet, yet that photo was left online and even defended, by a moderator who's also a Sanctuary Church official.)

    A. Paul, you sound like a conspiracy theorist. At no time has HgJN referenced killing anyone other than anyone who tries to kill him or break into his house and harm his family.

    Response: Wisely, Hyung Jin did not discuss any literal killing of his perceived enemies. But he has, reportedly, appointed and then armed (with Kahr pistols) "knights" who are sworn to protect him as "king."

  25. Local SC leaders in Moldova going to that country's police, and denouncing local UC members, causing raids to occur and two brothers to be thrown into prison? While several top SC leaders reacted to this quite differently from each other, and erased various online posts, while each has tried to shift blame onto a handful of (genuinely unpopular and weird) Korean UC leaders over there? On the SC's busy if "unofficial" Facebook page, many SC members cheered that police action, and claimed it was deserved and inevitable? (Unlike the 2009 case of Elizaveta Drenicheva in Kazakhstan, this being an inter-Unificationist squabble makes it much harder for human rights activists to help free those prisoners.) {As of January 2016 those two men were released, but remain under suspicion.}

    A. All SC chapters are independently organized and independent. While there may have been some initial cheering by some, HgJN immediately asked that those who went to the police go and drop the charges. HgJN has been troubled by what happened but did not direct it to happen. Why did it happen? Obviously some long time difficulty between those members over there.

    Response: If Hyung Jin did speak against those actions in Moldova, he did so rather quietly, but with no taking back of his ongoing provocations. Many nations, and some UC congregations within them, have unfortunate situations. Claiming credit for only the good things is a certain type of leadership.

  26. Claiming, suddenly and with only the assertion itself for backing, that Rev. and Mrs. Moon have spiritually divorced, that the ascended founder has become so disappointed that he has rejected his long-time wife? Telling people that the True Parents, who are the very foundation of Hyung Jin's own life and ministry, are no longer valid, and getting praised for saying so? (A vindictive claim and ugly style, which are the extreme opposite of the hope and love and unity which True Father became most famous for, even befriending his deadly enemy Kim Il Sung.)

    A. The unexpected turn of events of TM changing just about everything TF set up, especially things which TF said to not touch or change, and the apparent disregard towards TF from TM, looks to be like a "spiritual divorce". If TM left her object position and took a subject position that is not hers to take, you can say that she has taken a position that she doesn't need TF. She is proclaiming to be the messiah without reference to TF. Seems to me she has clearly separated from TF.
    The success of TP is intact as TF passed on the full authority of TP to his heir. TM's deviation is post succession and does not take away from the authority granted to HgJN by TP when he was anointed. It does make it considerably harder as TM has taken away the movement which was prepared by TF for him to use to further the providence and to build CIG.

    Response: This has become a stock SC argument, filled with dense claims made by Hyung Jin, about invisible or symbolic events impossible to verify. Most Unificationists understand that, as seen throughout the Bible and religious history, a divine appointment can be fulfilled--or not.

  27. Issuing an official Christmas Day proclamation that mentions, not peace or love or salvation, but a clarion call to "Rise!" and that on a "battleground" of their own singular declaration? (A harsh revolutionary-leftist tone, vastly different from the gracious compassion of the Christ Child known to all Christians, along with the divine glory and sacred repose traditionally celebrated on Christmas.)

    A. HgJN gave a sermon the Sunday before Christmas, and I believe his message was a revolutionary RIGHTIST tone (definitely a K type of message and not an R liberal leftist type).
    Paul, you obviously do not believe in what HgJN is dealing with. The turn of events that took place around TF going into the hospital and post ascension is quite shocking and unbelievable. Unfathomable to say the least.
    If you believe everything TM is doing is ok and within her authority, that certainly is your choice. HgJN, KJN, and many others (growing every week) believe that what TM is doing is seriously wrong.

    Response: These words and actions will stand on their own merits, and can be evaluated by common rational standards. Whether right-or-left, the SC's tone is extremist by any standard.

Well, I [Jerry Heying] answered or commented on each of your various comments. Yeah, some of them suck (you can take that either way-the comment or the answer). It is a painful and sad situation to say the least. Every member should be aware of all the discrepancies and then make their choice. It comes down to a matter of faith and what you believe. I doubt anything I said will change anything you believe but felt I should answer your comments.
God Bless

Sad, painful, and thanks to the naked ambition of Hyun Jin, In Jin, and now Hyung Jin and Kook Jin, it's still ongoing. Yet, all of this is wholly unnecessary. As is the case in many other civilized spheres, working "within the system" is a hard long-term method, which is more effective, and much less damaging.

    ● As noted in other articles/columns of mine, all of this has some precedent in religious history, although the SC's mix of a 9-11 Truther style conspiracy mindset, with an apocalyptic Biblical fervor, and the powerful charisma of their young leader, remains rather unusual.

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