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   Folks are busy, I know! The main List of Concerns has, most unfortunately, grown so long it's become quite a project to even read the whole thing. Therefore, here is an abbreviated summary of many people's expressed concerns about, and the "issues" surrounding, the Sanctuary Church [SC]. Brevity is good, plus for a lot of people, it's rather a depressing topic . . .

   This list is drawn directly from Hyung Jin's own videotaped sermons, and from direct statements by Sanctuary Church leadership. I have made several corrections, and do not wish to be factually inaccurate.

   ♥ For outside observers, I should mention that the vast majority of Unificationists are appalled by Hyung Jin's recent behavior. The movement's younger folks have ignored the SC, while only a handful are involved either in support or opposition. Many observers can hardly stand to watch SC sermons, which are often filled with slander, while most Unificationists hope for eventual reconciliation.

    - Paul Carlson

The Abbreviated List of Concerns:

  1. Look at the Sanctuary Church and its teachings from a Christian view:
    The Bible's prophesied Tribulation is real and ongoing, with all its doom and death, but the Rapture is symbolic, so don't look to the clouds. Instead, move to Pennsylvania, get one of those pistols we make, and hope for the best.

  2. Look at the Hyung Jin and his SC's claims from a logical standpoint:
    That woman leader [Mrs. Moon, True Mother, Hyung Jin's own mom] has failed.
    I said she was completely united with her ascended husband, but I've changed my mind.
    Why has she failed?
    Because she changed certain things.
    Why wasn't she qualified to change anything?
    Because she failed.

  3. Look at the SC's culture from a Unificationist's standpoint:
    For decades you've honored Father and Mother [Rev. SM and Mrs. Moon]. Now swerve around and condemn Mother for the same quiet character and feminine attributes you loved her for in the past. And those leaders they kept by their side for decades? A bunch of evil manipulators. So trash more than half of it all, but not the remaining piece.

  4. Look at the SC's doctrines, to the extent it has any, from a theological and ideological angle:
    We are libertarians, and promote freedom. We also expect you to accept a monarchy, with one combined secular and spiritual leader. So we are monarchists too, and expect you to accept our big new, global-scale, Second King over your traditional king.

  5. Look at the SC's newly-formed culture from a second-generation [the grown children and grandchildren of Unificationists] perspective:
    Your friends who got married? They look happy and Blessed, but really they're all cursed and under satan's dominion. How? Because of "the Han Mother's horrible crimes," such as wearing the wrong color robe, sitting in the incorrect chair, and altering the marriage vows a little. Not to mention publishing a new edition of that special sacred book of quotations. (Which the SC still refuses to reprint.)

   ♦ In discussing these points and issues with a Sanctuarian, what can I add but, don't get your hopes up. They might respond, "but those things are not true," and then dither or rant while never making actual corrections. They might appeal to authority, by asserting that "Hyung Jin is the heir, and you'd better get used to it." They might appeal to emotion, with some form of "it can't be wrong when it feels so right," even if the good feelings are confined to their own narrow circle. They might even push you away, candidly saying "I am going to blow off your concerns." (The author of this web page has encountered all of these responses, and more, in recent months.)

   ♥ In any event, this whole situation does look to involve (at best) some inspiring personal revivals, but otherwise a big waste of time; or (at worst) an unfolding, self-incited, tragedy. So, helping anyone grasp these points of concern would be a really good idea. Then each person can help reform the SC, or look for a more sensible faith, such as the one (the original UC/FFWPU) that virtually all SC members have spurned. By working with the same zeal to improve the mainstream movement, then everyone in it, and humanity in general, would benefit greatly.

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