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SIM SETI images from Contact IX

This exercise involved the simulated reception and translation of an alien radio signal.

To preserve the original formatting, the main text of the translated message may be downloaded as a '.doc' file. The accompanying images are '.gif' files.

John Bray and David A. Boulton's Original Main Page:

Simseti Signal
The signal had various characteristics, but was basically a series of 35 frames, all raster maps assembled from the data stream over a period. Frames 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-23, 24-27 and 28b were 'text', as decoded here.

Frames 28 (the planet), 29a (grey scale planetary map), 30 (Continent map - broken), 31 (Landscape 1), 32 (Landscape 2), 33 (the alien itself), were all pictures, as were 3 more frames received 8 years later, covering the ET Alphabet and the alien's replies 1 and 2.

CONTACT 1992,3

The SIM SETI Pages:

Decoded Text Language Response 1
Response 2 Comments Planet
Map Image Landscape 1
Landscape 2 Alien  

(Thanks to project record creator John Bray for offering the use of this material.)

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