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Contact was conceived by Jim Funaro in 1979, and the first formal conference was held in 1983. Almost two dozen more events have followed. This is a semiofficial archive, intended to display photos, schedules, and other material from each of these events, plus relevant web links.

Contact is listed in Wikipedia.

Contact Conference

Jim Funaro's personal account:

Contact History

This is a scan of the original program, from 1983 in Santa Cruz.

1983 Program

Here's the official speaker's list.

1983 Speakers List

Paul Bohannan recorded his impressions of Contact I.


Here's the official poster from Contact II, held in Santa Cruz in May of 1984.

1984 Poster

These are scans of the program from Contact II. The GIFs include the original advertisments and everything.

1984 Program Pages

This is the official speaker's list.

1984 Speakers List

Scans of the program handout from Contact IV, held in Rancho Cordova, CA.

1987 Program Pages

Program handout from Contact V, also in Rancho Cordova.

1988 Program Pages

Contact IX, held in Palo Alto, CA.

1992 Program Pages

Here are John Bray's SimSETI project records, also from Contact IX.


The year 1992 also featured a grant to fund Contact's COTI Jr. project, plus a science fact article in Analog magazine.

Analog & grants

Contact X, in 1993, held in Santa Clara, CA.

1993 Program Pages

Contact XI, in 1994, also in Santa Clara.

1994 Program Pages

Contact XII, in 1995, held in Milpitas, Ca.

1995 Program Pages

Contact XIII, in 1996, also in Milpitas, Ca.

1996 Program Pages

Scans from Contact XIV, in 1997, held in Sunnyvale, Ca.

1997 Program Pages

Program handout from Contact XV, back in in Santa Clara .

1998 Program Pages

Here are Bruce Damer's photos from Contact XVII, held in 2000.

Contact 17 photos

Here's a very special photo from Contact XVIII, held in 2001.

A conversation with Clarke

This is the basic program data from several conferences. There are no 'original' web pages going back to 1992, for obvious reasons. Many of these documents were first posted on the Cabrillo College server in 1998.

Contact 92 Contact 93 Contact 94
Contact 95 Contact 96 Contact 97
Contact 98 Contact 99  

Contributions of personal photographs and mementos are welcome. Obviously, they need to be scanned or otherwise in web-presentable form. (If needed, I can handle that part.) Paul Carlson may be reached via, cuebon /at/ aol /dot/ com

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