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NASA Ames Conference Center

Morning Preparations Welcome Clancey Sims McKay Lunch
Damer Boston Bolte Raybeck Panel Reception Aaberg
Heard Lapre Lunch Everts Shostak Tamori Albers
Castleberry Laws Swan Report Memories Concert Birthday
Art Room 4D Shapes Doll Crystal Board Vendors Keynote
Foggy Lodge Discussions Harrison Panel Lunchtime COTI Teams
*** Encounter Reports Q&A Conclusion Departures ***

The photo pages are formatted to view better in a smallish browser window.
To save bandwidth, these are medium-sized images. Full size scans are available upon request.

I am currently missing photos of Carol Stoker and Michael Aaberg. (Additions are welcome!)
Related web links, if available, are below each image.

Photography by Paul Carlson

Please email me with any photos, conference material, or corrections:

cuebon /at/ aol \dot\ com

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