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Changing restrictions.

Many Bay Area cities are making an effort to accommodate truckers. Some do better than others, but at least they're trying.

For many years, access to Sunnyvale from highway 101 was 'blocked' by strict Weight Limit signs. In 2006 the situation was alleviated by some new Truck Route signs.

Mathilda Ave. west of 101.

Mathilda Avenue's new sign, nearby.

Previously, every access route was marked by 'must violate' signs, such as the one of the left. I have no idea where the new truck routes are, but at least they've realized that trucks do have to get into town somehow.

In any case, they never did enforce the signs.

The area hosts a couple of sprawling high-security areas, both on the east side on 101, near the Bay.
Sunnyvale has the Lockheed Martin campus, with a special truck gate off of Mathilda Avenue, behind the Yahoo office buildings at First Avenue/Bordeaux.

Next door in Mountain View is Moffett Field, with NASA Ames. In mid-2009 they closed the truck gate at the north end of things, so you enter through their southern gate, just east of the Ellis Street exit off 101. (Not the main gate, at NASA Parkway.)
Their guards might search your whole truck, cab and trailer alike, so have your ID and paperwork ready, and just take it in stride. (Moffett Field is a Federal facility, so technically speaking, you have to be a US citizen to enter.)
NASA's roads are pretty well marked, with signs to the delivery warehouse in Bldg. 255; but at Lockheed Martin, you'd better get very clear directions to whichever building you are headed for. (Heck, ask the NASA/Moffett guards for a map, too.)

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