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Santa Rosa

A Mixed Bag.

Many Bay Area towns are making an effort to accommodate truckers. Santa Rosa has both good and bad areas.

The truck routes on the east side of town are marked in impressive detail.

College Ave. (approaching Highway 12) at North Avenue.

Climbing the hill on Fountaingrove

101 northbound exit at Mendocino Ave.
"Commercial Vehicles Prohibited"

In the northeast part of town, Fountaingrove Parkway is tricky. It's signed against trucks, yet there is a major hotel, several office parks, and a busy Agilent (HP) facility, up on that hill.

The Agilent campus has their upper gate marked Truck Entrance. Yet, all trucks going there must violate the city's restriction signs. (Better have your destination paperwork handy.)

The restriction and truck entrance signs are marked in red. (There are others.) The approach to Agilent's lower gate, via Chanate and Parker Hill roads, is also marked No Commercial Vehicles.

The Santa Rosa police are known to issue tickets on an occasional basis.

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