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San Pablo and North Richmond

Different policies and conflicting signage.

Must the Weight Limit signs along the railroad tracks, at each crossing between North Richmond and San Pablo, absolutely be obeyed? It seems so, yet the real situation is not that simple.

My employer, and many other delivery trucks, have customers on 7th Street in North Richmond. That street dead ends at its north and south ends, leaving two ways to access its businesses. Both ways, along Market Street, require each truck to violate a weight restriction sign! (The same situation exists at the Chesley Avenue crossing.)

The San Pablo police have told me, straight up, that they will ticket trucks crossing at Market. They're also issuing tickets for 'too high' (though not spilling) loads, and other minor violations.

Westward is a county limit.

Eastward is a San Pablo limit.

Almost every trucker heads east, onto Rumrill, because it's a main road, while going west leads into narrow residential and 'country' roads.
In previous years, San Pablo was not known for enforcing any truck routes. (One wonders what would happen if the county began issuing tickets, too.)

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Conflicting Policies

San Pablo has at least two established truck routes. That's clear from this sign (below), and several others. Apparently this one includes the length of San Pablo Avenue, plus one freeway exit.

Route sign on San Pablo Dam Rd, at 880.

Limit sign on Brookside, at tracks.

Is it okay to access Seventh Street in North Richmond from Rumrill, even though its businesses are outside the San Pablo city limits? The businesses along Giant Highway, commonly accessed from Rumrill via Brookside, must now be accessed only from Parr or Richmond Parkway.

Misleading Signage?

In early 2007, San Pablo installed truck route signs along Giant Highway.

Truck route sign on Giant Highway, looking southward at Collins Avenue.

At least two signs proclaim a truck route, showing it's okay to drive trucks south along Giant. There is no turnaround in that direction. But! Seems this route is exactly one block long, and it ends abruptly at Parr, where trucks must turn right/west.
Continuing on to Brookside leads directly to Rumrill (and trouble), while turning right puts you on a narrow back road then Richmond Parkway.

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Area Map

The blue circles indicate the signs pictured. The red circles locate some of the other restriction signs.

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