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San Jose

Few Restrictions

San Jose is big, and almost wide open for trucks.

The city, and its contiguous suburbs, spread out for miles, most of it flat land. There are all types of businesses along every major road, and tucked away in quiet neighborhoods. There are major industries (high tech and otherwise) in several widely-scattered districts.
Some residential streets have posted weight limits, though they are not known to be enforced. Truckers should remember to stay off Highway 85, south of I280, because they do ticket, along that entire stretch. Yeah it's a hassle, but the surface roads (such as Blossom Hill Road) are plenty wide.

The guards for the area's many large 'high-tech campuses' can be tougher than any local cops! IBM, Intel, HP/Agilent, National Semiconductor, Lockheed Martin, and other such facilities have strict company policies -- so you'd better know exactly which gate to pull up to, and which building and dock to stop at.
Sometimes their guards will search your whole truck, so just take it in stride. (Once you're inside the gates, some of those places are like a complete small town.)

Other than that, just keep an eye out for local parking restrictions.

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