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San Francisco

A welter of restrictions.

San Francisco is a huge and complicated area.
Many deliveries go downtown, to its many skyscrapers and retail shops. Those streets have plenty of yellow Loading Zone areas, and the DPT people are usually pretty accomodating. The meters are coin hogs, but in some cases you can leave them alone. Avoid parking on the main routes, such as Market, Geary, and California Streets. They'll ticket you a lot faster.
Better to park in an alley, or on a lower-traffic side street if you can, and hopefuly they won't hassle you all day.

Note! In 2009, facing a major budget crunch, the DPT has begun a crackdown. They expect trucks parked in yellow zones, especially in the Financial District, to feed all of the meters 'covered' by the length of the vehicle. At the rate of 25 cents per six minutes, you'd better bring along an entire roll of quarters! (They might even issue a seperate ticket for each unfed meter.)
After 3 PM, when the commute rush begins, they will ticket you for sure.

In the outlying areas, in many cases, you'll just have to double park. The DPT and SFPD won't hassle you *if* you are actively working on your load. Don't wander off, because the ticket can be $600 or more.

Here is one area where they are working to accommodate truckers, with an improved truck route policy.

Northbound on Third Street.

For decades the signs along Third created a total Weight Limit restriction "between Jamestown and Jerrold," forcing all delivery trucks (including to the Hunters Point industrial area) to violate them continually.
Recently they replaced all those signs, which now read: Through Trucks . . . Prohibited. This allows local deliveries, but not short-cutting from the nearby Bayshore/101 freeway. Makes sense!

In any case, the SFPD was not known to enforce the signs.

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