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San Francisco Airport

An 'or else' restriction.

The SFO terminals need a lot of delivery truck service, but you have to be careful. A large truck can literally get stuck in the narrow confines of the passenger area roadways. The terminals are serviced via a series of numbered Courtyards, which are located along the Arriving Passengers loop. (I'm not sure if big-rigs can fit into them. Better check in advance!)

The various airline's cargo hangers are separate from the passenger terminals, and mostly reached via North Access Road, plus North (also South) McDonnell Road. Try the San Bruno Avenue exit from 101 to reach these areas. Pay close attention, since most road maps aren't very clear.

There are dozens of air frieght companies in South San Francisco and the nearby towns, but none on the airport grounds proper.

Approaching SFO along 101 northbound.

The SFO police enforce this size restriction for security reasons, and besides, when a careless trucker gets stuck at the terminal area it makes the nightly news. Embarrassing!

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