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Helpful Anti-Malware Links

Most of you netizens have a computer that runs some version of the Windows operating system (and more recently, a tablet or smartphone with Android). Unfortunately, that puts you in a world of hurt! Almost all the 'malware' generated by our planet's nasty hackers is aimed at Windows users. Security holes are exploited by worms, hundreds of viruses can ride emails into your system, web sites implant adware and spyware, and endless popups clutter your screens. Each of these types of malware is a separate problem! In many cases, software that tackles one won't even recognize, much less handle, the others.

If you have the resources, you can avoid all this trouble by running Linux, or buying a Mac. (To be fair, if those two operating systems got very popular, hackers would attack them also.) For now, smart Windows users need to study up, and check out helpful links such as these.

Now that tablets and smart phones are becoming popular, the same cautions apply to the Android and iOS operating systems. Fortunately, these same anti-malware companies provide a wide range of monitoring and protection.
(For example, the Webroot app for Android.)


Free Windows Versions

Paid Windows Versions

Tech Experts

Free downloadable products:

Microsoft's Security Update:

Avoid owning a 'zombie' computer! Get your security patches.

Windows Update

Anti-virus protection:

Free antivirus software.


Another free application.


Serious techie response.


Fast, simple, and comprehensive.


From a Mac-friendly company . . . yes, Macs need protection too!
(Many of these companies offer Mac versions.)


Adware protection:

Stop annoying adware.


Spyware protection:

Bust that spyware.


Popup Blocker & Custom Search:

No more distracting popups.

Google Toolbar

Alternative web browser:

A better, safer web browser.


Combined malware protection:

Note! The items below cost money. We're not affiliated with any of the suppliers, but we do use a lot of 'em. In my opinion, they offer effective products at a fair price. (There are numerous others on the market, so please shop around.)

A multi-use product.


This one is expensive (listed at $99 and sometimes on special for $29, and it's extremely thorough.

Spy Cop

Trend Micro sometimes offers a free-trial period.

Trend Micro

An external 'packet sniffer' device.


An advanced new 'dual bit' anti-malware program.


The AVG company offers a thorough hard drive checker. (This is the successor to Ewido.)


Virus protection:



Software firewall:

Norton Internet Security

Norton from Symantec

There are numerous computer wizards in the media. Two of the best are Leo LaPorte and Kim Komando. Their web sites are filled with news, information, and 'fix-it' ideas. They are updated constantly, and have extensive archives.

Tech Guy

Kim Komando Show

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